How Long Can Cheese Sit Out?

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Cheese is one of the most beloved ingredients for people who crave fat-rich foods because it has high cholesterol and saturated fat content. Storing cheese is tricky because it is very sensitive to spoilage and should be carefully stored in a dry and cool place like the refrigerator or freezer.

It cannot remain stable for too long outside the fridge, and you will notice that mold will start to appear on it after some time. It can be used in many different recipes and serves as a flavor enhancer. You can find several kinds of cheese available in the market, read on to know for how long these kinds sit out.

How Long Can Cheese Sit Out?

It depends on what type of cheese you have; hard cheese like parmesan, Swiss, is not going to spoil as fast as the other soft cheeses. It is because hard cheeses have low levels of moisture and acidity, which makes them more resistant to get spoiled.

While soft cheeses like camembert and mozzarella are more prone to get decayed if left out for too long simply because of high moisture content and low heat treatment.

Hard cheeses remain stable for 2 hours in warm weather, and they can increase up to 3 hours in cold weather. Soft cheeses remain good for an hour at room temperature in both kinds of weather.

What Happens if Cheese Sits Out Too Long?

It is expected that your cheese would have gone bad if it is left out for too long, but again you can take a look at it carefully for any spoilage signs, and if there are none, you can easily include it in your cuisines.

It is better not to leave your cheese outside of the fridge for too long and try to maintain good storage conditions for it. While keeping it in the refrigerator or freezer can increase its life span, and you can use it for a long time.

What Should You Do If Cheese Is Left Out Too Long?

If you forgot to keep your cheese back in the refrigerator, and now you are thinking about whether it is edible or not? Then don’t worry and follow the steps we will mention here.

First of all, try to smell it and if it smells fresh, then cut a slice out of it and notice its texture for any presence of mold. Don’t consume it if you notice any bluish-green or grey dot over the surface. If there are no signs of molding, then it’s all good to use as an ingredient. You can also use  Cheese Grater to grate it and using it for garnishing purposes.

How Long Can Cheese Be In The Car For?

If you have left your cheese inside the car, it can remain stable for less than 1 hour in hot weather and 1-2 hours in cold weather.

It is not good to leave your cheese in a car for a long time as it can speed up the decaying process. But if you have forgotten it there, make sure to check it thoroughly before consuming it and don’t use it if it is contaminated.

Does Cheese Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

There are more chances that your cheese can go bad if it is not stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Because bacteria like salmonella multiply at very high speed at room temperature, it can make it more prone to get spoiled.

It is not necessary to store it in your regular fridge, you can also store it under counter-refrigerators, and it is more convenient as you have access to it inside of your kitchen.

Do Cheese Go Bad If You Lose Power?

Cheese will not go bad immediately after you lose power, but yes, as the temperature inside the refrigerator starts to rise, there are chances that your cheese can start to grow bacteria.

It will happen if the power is lost for a long time, but if it is restored quickly, your cheese will be safe to use and remain edible.

What Temperature Is Safe For Cheese?

The best temperature to store your cheese is -10 0C which is available inside the freezer, but the refrigerator also has a safe temperature to store it.

Try to cover cheese with a thin plastic sheet and seal it with the help of Food Storage Containers and then store it inside the fridge to avoid drying it out.