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PokPokSom.com was created to be the go-to cooking resource for home cooks of all skill levels. Getting started in the kitchen can be intimidating. We’re here to breakdown everything you need to know in order to get started and further your culinary skills. Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned chef, you’re sure to learn something here at PokPokSom.

Meet ‘PokPok’ Som

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Our website’s namesake, and lead editor, ‘PokPok’ Som loves spending her time in the kitchen whipping up new creations. She’s spent time cooking all over the country to further her craft. Her favorite thing to make is dim sum and spend time with her Golden Retriever, Max.

Gilbert Bell

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Jordan Bell is another one of the editors on PokPokSom.com. He brings years of culinary experience to the table. His favorite dish is apple pie, spicy wings, and spicy meat.

Heather Gold

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Heather Gold is the senior writer at PokPokSom.com. She specializes in cooking with vegetables and her favorite dish to make is a cobb salad.

George Pierre

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George Pierre is a staff writer at PokPokSom.com. He currently lives in Wyoming with his wife and two kids. His favorite dish to make is lasagna.

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Our product review process is simple – our writers find what they consider to be the best products on Amazon for the topic at hand. Our site is a review aggregate site, so they summarize the products that they feel are best for the article topic. Please note that we do not test the items ourselves.


From time to time, PokPokSom.com will make strategic acquisitions in order to grow our web presence. These acquisitions are necessary to facilitate future growth and put our website in front of the eyes of millions of new users. Below, in no particular order, are the list of acquisitions that we have made:

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