5 Best Undercounter Refrigerators (Reviews Updated 2022)

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For homes such as apartments with limited space, the size of appliances and furniture placed in them matters. If you do not have the luxury of space, you cannot afford to buy just any refrigerator for your home. The models to go for are the best undercounter refrigerators. Undercounter refrigerators are portable and space-saving appliances that will fit into the tightest of spaces. They may be portable, but they ice drinks and food just as well as larger refrigerators.

With so many different brands on sale today, it can be a little tricky identifying a perfect undercounter refrigerator for your home. This is why we have decided to review five of the best models you can order. Please feel free to go through our review list

Best Undercounter Refrigerators

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1. EdgeStar CBR1501SLD Built-in Cooler

Edgestar Cbr1501sld Built In Cooler

EdgeStar is one of our first choices when discussing some of the best undercounter refrigerators. This is because it has a portable build, but despite that, it can hold up to 142 cans of drink at a time. We find this feature to be really amazing because it is pretty rare to find a refrigerator so small that can hold so many cans at a time.  The model is also quite versatile because you can install it in a freestanding position or as a built-in refrigerator. Edgestar is specially created for apartments, patios, or small offices with limited spaces.

The cooling capacity is worth commending. This fridge can hit degrees between 38-50 degrees Fahrenheit with the powerful compressor in just a few hours. The reversible door made of stainless steel allows for easy opening and closing, and the digital controls make it easy to customize the freezing settings. Edgestar offers value for money because you spend a single price for it, but the benefits you enjoy can last for several years.

This device has an energy star rating, so it will not run your energy bills up. It is easy to maintain and provides you with cold drinks round the clock.

Why do we like it?

  • Glass shelves and door
  • Large capacity freezer
  • It will take up a limited space in your home
  • Versatile installation options
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2. Black + Decker BCRK25V Compact Refrigerator

Black + Decker Bcrk25v Compact Refrigerator

Second, on our list of the best underground refrigerators is this BCR25V model by Black and Decker. It is compact and stylish with a space-saving size of 17.5×18.5×26.6 inches. With this refrigerator, you can store your cans, soda, beer, and other types of beverages. This model has a sleek design that will improve the aesthetic quality of any room you install it in. the manufacturer also offers buyers different colors, from stainless steel to black or white colors. These provide you with three different color options based on your preference.

Black and Decker has convenient features that every homeowner will love. The door is reversible, the legs can be adjustable to suit space conditions, and the temperature controls can be adjusted to suit your drinks with the lowest temperature been 32 degrees.  The storage has an ice tray for freezing and storing ice cubes.

We rate this undercounter refrigerator highly because it does not make noise when it is at work. It produces a very low sound below 45 decibels, and when on, unsuspecting people will not even know that there is a fridge in the room if they do not see it. If you want a fridge that represents value for money, this is one of the best options to buy.

Why do we like it?

  • Sold with a limited one-year warranty
  • Energy efficient
  • User-friendly features
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3. Whynter BBR-801BG Built-in 80 Can Beverage Refrigerator

Whynter Bbr 801bg Built In 80 Can Beverage Refrigerator

Wynter BBR-801BG refrigerator is another useful model you can install in your home. Never run out of cold drinks anymore when you have a reliable refrigerator at your back and call. This Whynter model will not take up too much space in your home. It stands at only 3.4 cubic feet, but it can satisfy your needs for a cold drink. The storage can accommodate up to 80 cans of drinks at a time, and it freezes the cans up in a matter of hours.

With a temperature range of 34 degrees minimum and 43 degrees maximum, this is one of the best underground refrigerators you can order for private use. Its sleek cabinet is a sight to behold, and the color of the body will blend with other furniture in your room. This fridge has a LED interior lighting which allows you to identify items even in a dark room. The lighting feature has an on and off switch that goes on when you open it and goes off when you close it.

The internal compressor is very powerful, so every single can you place inside the compartment will freeze up with none left unfrozen

Why do we like it?

  • Energy efficient
  • Temperature control
  • Easy to clean
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4. RCA RFR411 4.5 Cubic ft Refrigerator

Rca Rfr411 4.5 Cubic Ft Refrigerator

The best underground refrigerators have become so popular due to their energy efficiency and their space-saving features.  This is why RCA is highly recommended for buyers who want portable fridges they can install at home.  RCA stands at just 4.5 cubic ft with built-in adjustable thermostats for ultimate temperature control. This mini fridge has a door that can open 90 degrees with mini shelves to store your cans of drinks, yogurts, and can dispensers. It is also compressor cooled, meaning that it will perform efficiently if you install it outdoors or indoors.

RCA is moderately priced as well. You don’t have to bore a deep hole in your pocket to call this fridge your own. We also like the fact that it is low maintenance. It is easy to clean, and it does not consume too much power. Furthermore, the ice tray at the base prevents leaks from flooding your apartment. When the ice is melting in the compartment, the resulting liquid flows into the ice tray. However, you need to make sure that you empty the tray before it gets full.

RCA is an ideal refrigerator for dorm rooms, libraries, offices, homes, and rooms with small spaces. Make the best use of your room space by ordering this undercounter refrigerator.

Why do we like it?

  • It has tempered glass shelves
  • Adjustable feet for balance
  • Easy to clean
  • Weather-resistant
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5. Danby DAR044A6MDB Mini Fridge

Danby Dar044a6mdb Mini Fridge

Danby is an industry leader when it comes to home appliances, and this mini-fridge of theirs is one of the best undercounter refrigerators. Danby is ideal for dorm rooms, kitchens, offices, bars, and living rooms. If you want easy access to cold drinks when you need them, Danby is the refrigerator to go for. It boasts a contemporary design that will improve the appearance of your room. Adding this mini fridge to your general household refrigerator is a good idea since everyone in your home will have access to cold beverages at any time of the day.

Danby has an integrated set of shelves that allows you to leave your bottles standing or lying belly flat. It also has an efficient dispensing system integrated into the door design for your convenience. This refrigerator will fit into any part of your room, no matter how tight the space may be. We consider it to be a space conserver because the shape makes room for other appliances and furniture you may have.

If you have kids in the house, you can lock the door with the integrated lock. You also have the option to either wash off the ice from the shelves or use the automatic defrost setting to melt the ice before you clean.

Why do we like it?

  • Modern design
  • Ultra-fast freezing
  • Environmentally friendly
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Undercounter Refrigerators Buyer’s Guide

If you want the best undercounter refrigerators, you cannot afford to settle for just any model or brand. Before you make a final decision, there are certain features you ought to look out for. Knowing what to examine will determine the quality of the refrigerator you eventually end up with.  Read our buyer’s guide to know more.


Why are you buying the refrigerator in the first place? Are you buying it for your minibar or to ice regular items?  If the fridge is solely for your drinks, buy one with glass doors. If it is going to store food items, go for models with drawers.


Think about the volume of items you plan to store in the refrigerator. The height and width of the storage will influence the number of bottles, cans, and containers you can put inside at a time. The space and size of the refrigerator will also determine where you can keep it. Although it will require minimal space, it still has to be kept somewhere. Find a space for it before you place your order.

Power Consumption

The power consumption rate is crucial if you intend to leave it on for most of the day. We recommend the best undercounter refrigerators with energy star ratings due to their low power ratings. Buying an energy star rated model will save you a lot in energy costs