How Long Can Wet Dog Food Sit Out?

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Dogs are lovely, sincere and people love to keep them as their pets. Are you a pet lover? If yes, you want to give your dogs a good and healthy diet, Right! Wet foods are way better than dry foods. They are high in proteins and fats and quite healthy for your dog.

You bought a dog since you wanted to keep one for so long, and also you got wet dog food. Now, how long can wet dog food sit out? Or what happens if wet dog food sits out too long? are probably the questions in your mind right now. Well, don’t you worry! We have all your answers right in this article.

How Long Can Wet Dog Food Sit Out?

You can keep the wet dog food out for about two to four hours at room temperature. Try not to leave the food for more than four hours. The temperature should be 50 Fahrenheit or warmer for the best results. Dogs are always very friendly and sweet.

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What Happens If Wet Dog Food Sits Out Too Long?

If the wet dog food sits out too long, it will likely go bad or spoil. The moisture of the food and warm temperature will invite bacteria. Bacteria will grow and contaminate the wet food. You should store the wet dog food properly in the refrigerator to prevent it from going bad.

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What Should You Do If Wet Dog Food Is Left Out Too Long?

If the wet dog food is out for too long, it can go bad, and you have to throw it away. Canned dog foods can be kept for four hours maximum. After that, you have to store it in the refrigerator; otherwise, it will spoil.

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How Long Can Wet Dog Food Be In The Car For?

You can keep the wet dog food with you in the car for about three to four hours. It depends on the temperature of the car as well. Don’t keep the food for more than four hours as it can go bad.

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Does Wet Dog Food Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Yes, wet dog food can go bad if not refrigerated. Once you open the canned wet dog food, it needs to be kept in the refrigerator. You have to store the wet dog food in a Ziplock bag or cover your bowl with plastic wrap.

The refrigerator should be at 40 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. You can keep the food for about five to seven days. If you own a small apartment and have less space, you can try out the best undercounter refrigerators or best counter depth refrigerators.   

Do Wet Dog Food Go Bad If You Lose Power?

Yes, wet dog foods will go bad if you lose power as the temperature of your refrigerator will decrease with time so that the food can spoil. If you notice some foul or stinky smell coming from your food or see any mold growth, it is a sign that food is spoiled. Throw it away.

What Temperature Is Safe For Wet Dog Food?

It is safe to keep the wet dog food at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing the dog food properly is the key to preventing it from going bad. Make sure to keep it in the refrigerator and away from heat or sunlight.

Wet dog food has a good content of water in it. It is best for the dogs who drink less water. Also, wet dog food prevents obesity due to fewer amounts of carbohydrates.