Zojirushi vs. Cuckoo – What’s The Difference?

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A rice cooker proves to be a very useful tool when it comes to making rice. It improves your experience of cooking rice according to your preference. The two most popular brands that make rice cookers are Cuckoo and Zojirushi.

These two brands are compared with each other a lot, and it is a mystery which one is the better. To find out the answer to this question, we must look in-depth at the differences and similarities between the two. So what’s the difference between the cuckoo and Zojirushi cooker?

In this guide, we will review the top-selling models of these brands. We will be looking at the unique qualities differences and what makes the model stand out to conclude which exactly is the better brand. So keep reading to find out which is better, Cuckoo or Zorijushi.

Suppose you are someone who wanted to buy a good quality rice cooker and had researched about it, then you must have seen these two brands at the top. They are among the top brands and provide various models to choose from. However, there are some differences between both the brand models, which are mentioned later in this article.


Zojirushi is the most known for its rice cookers; however, this is not the only appliance they sell. They have tones of products and recipes on their website and a very informative blog. The company initially started in Japan in 1918 and has been producing since.

They have strived to create premium quality products that provide a great user experience. It is big on researching and finding new recipes to create a better experience for the user. Some of the top-rated models from Zojirushi are mentioned below.

1. Micom Rice Cooker

Micon Rice Cooker is one of the top-selling models from Zojirushi. This model provides you with multiple options to cook your rice. This model from Zojirushi is one of the top-rated rice cookers that you will find from this brand.

It has a holding capacity of about 3 cups and is made from premium quality materials. This simple and sleek model comes with an intuitive design that folks love. It is a multi-functional rice cooker which means that multiple options and styles are available to cook your rice.


  • Highly rated
  • Comes with a triple heater for even heating
  • The retractable cord makes storage easier
  • Multiple functionalities
  • Convenient handle and spoon rest


  • some measurements need to be adjusted not to overcook the rice
  • sometimes the cooking process takes a longer time

2. Tulip Rice Cooker

Tulip Rice Cooker is another top-rated model from the brand Zojirushi. This is a classical rice cooker with a holding capacity of about 10 cups. It is made to be user-friendly and pretty easy to use. It works well with just a touch of a button, and you can not only cook but also warm your rice if needed. It has a triple heating function that allows the rice to be evenly heated. The cooker’s inner lid can be detached to be cleaned and is overall pretty easy to wash.


  • Can cook about 10 cups of rice
  • Pretty easy to operate
  • Easily washable
  • Triple heating system for even heating
  • Simple yet effective design


  • The warm function isn’t very effective

3. Induction Rice Cooker

Another top-selling model from Zojirushi. This model provides you with multiple options and functions to cook your rice. Moreover, it has a holding capacity of about 2 liters and provides you with all the latest functions that you will find in the market.

The cooker comes with induction technology that provides multiple options to cook your rice. Some of these options include your rice to be regular hard-soft jasmine sushi sweet or brown. It also comes with a keep warm option which allows you to set a timer giving you additional control manually.


  • can store up to 1.8 liters
  • multiple options available
  • time delays available
  • keep warm and extended options available
  • the triple heating system used


  • settings need to be adjusted to avoid dryness


Cuckoo is a company based in the USA which uses Korean cooker designs to produce high-quality cookers in the US. Although they also offer numerous kitchen appliances but are primarily known for their rice cookers. The company has been in the industry since 1978 and has made many advancements in the past years. One thing that makes the Cuckoo model stand out is its electric cookers. While other brands provide simple and plain designs, the cuckoo comes with adaptive and stylish designs.

1. Q50

Q50 is one of the top-selling models from Cuckoo.  It is known as the 8 in 1 cooker and provides you with multiple options. You are provided with additional options like vegetables, meat and soup. This model comprises 2- ply stainless steel, which ensures accurate heating and does not harm the food. It has all the necessary certifications in terms of safety and has many automatic self-detect functions. Overall, it is a premium and sleek design and is considered the top-selling one.


  • 8 in 1 cooking option available
  • Modern style and design
  • Automatic water drainage system
  • Safety certifications


  • Not the same as its original Korean model.

2. Micom Rice Cooker

It is also another top-rated model from the band Cuckoo. It provides you with multiple options and is fairly easy to use. This model has a holding capacity of about 6 cups and is made from premium quality materials. It comes with an LCD screen that allows you to select multiple options. You also have manual settings that keep warm and reheat settings as well. It also has the technology to detect your grain type and function accordingly.


  • Has the technology to detect grain type and cook accordingly.
  • Multiple functionalities
  • Automatic pressure and steam emission
  • LCD


  • Overtime seems to have become inconsistent

3. Programmable Rice Cooker

It is another top-selling model from the brand Cuckoo. This model provides you with 13 options that can be used to cook rice. It is very advanced from the other models in the market and is also very user-friendly. It has the option to be programmed according to the user and even comes with activating on voice compatibility. It allows you to work smarter and faster due to its latest technology and induction design. It offers a nonstick pan and even heating throughout its cooking time.


  • Premium design and quality
  • Smarter and latest technology
  • Multiple functionalities
  • Induction cooking system available


  • Takes a longer time to cook
  • Comparatively expensive

So, What’s The Difference Between Cuckoo and Zojirushi?

  1. Zojirushi provides you with simpler designs, while cuckoo has a more modern look and intuitive style.
  2. Zojirushi comparatively offers premium and durable cookers which last longer.
  3. Cuckoo is much advancement in technology, such as fuzzy logic, while Zojirushi is far behind.