You Want to Eat Honeycomb? Is it Safe for You?

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Safe To Eat HoneycombIf you’re a huge fan of honey, you’re probably curious about how honey bees are able to create this sticky and sweet nectar. Since ancient times, liquid honey has been harvested from the waxy cells deep inside beehives but did you know that beeswax combs are also edible? In this article, we answer the question of whether or not it’s safe to eat honeycomb while sharing its potential health benefits. 

What Is Honeycomb?

A honeycomb is found inside a bee hive and is made from the waxy secretions of worker bees, forming a series of hexagonal cells. This natural honeycomb structure is what protects the honey until the time for harvesting comes. Bees that make their own honeycomb will usually store nectar, pollen, and their larvae inside pieces of honeycomb to keep them safe. 

Can People Eat Honeycomb?

The short answer is yes, you can. Not only can you eat raw honeycomb, but it also brings a wide range of nutritional benefits. Some of the most common benefits of raw honey and honeycomb include the following: 

  • Helps to boost the immune system
  • High in antioxidants 
  • Has antibacterial properties along with antimicrobial properties
  • Acts as a natural sweetener for food
  • Could serve as a natural cure for sore throats
  • May help the digestive tract process food 

Improves Liver Function and Heart Health 

Thanks to its long chain of fatty acids which are good for the heart, honeycomb may actually help to prevent heart disease and help reduce high blood cholesterol levels. Moreover, beeswax has the ability to help people with fatty liver disease by improving liver functions through its hepatoprotective qualities. 

Reduces Inflammation and Blood Sugar Levels

Because honey has natural anti-inflammatory properties, it works wonders for reducing inflammation and can also heal chronic wounds and ulcers. It can also help to control your blood sugar levels when consumed in small amounts. 

Overall, when you eat honeycomb it can deliver a wide range of health benefits, and when consumed in moderation, can be a great addition to every diet. It can also be used as a sweetener to add flavor to your yogurt, smoothies, and salads. However, make sure that you do research ahead of time so you can purchase your honeycomb from a reputable supplier. 

How To Eat Honeycomb

There are many ways for you to eat honeycomb — eating it by itself as a snack is a great way to get started. However, you can also put some on salads for the added chewy texture of the comb, or it can be used as a great topping on your pancakes or toast. Even so, you might find that the best way to eat your honeycomb is by keeping it simple. 

Honeycomb and Cheese

This is one of the most delicious ways to level up your cheese or charcuterie board, where honeycomb can offer added visuals and taste. If you eat honeycomb this way, we suggest going with salty cheeses such as Manchego, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Pecorino Toscano. You can also try goat cheese and blue cheese for added flavor, while fruits, berries, and nuts can add another dimension of texture to your cheese board

Pure Honeycomb

You don’t have to stick to drizzling your honeycomb on snacks — try adding a chunk of honeycomb or a slice of honeycomb to English muffins or warm bread. You can even make ice cream out of fresh fruits and add some honeycomb for a punch of flavor. If you’re looking to do something easier, simply use it to replace white sugar in your recipes and drinks. 


Below are some of the most commonly asked questions on how to eat honeycomb. 

What Does Honeycomb Taste Like?

Depending on where you source it from, as well as the type of honey that made it, honeycomb can have varying flavors. In general, honeycomb will have a sweet, yet earthy taste and will also provide a unique texture that’s similar to caramel or chewing gum. 

How Much Honeycomb Is Safe To Eat?

Generally, experts recommend consuming less than one tablespoon of honeycomb every day. Because honeycomb is very sweet and may contain a lot of calories, it’s essential to think about your dietary needs before thinking about how to eat honeycomb. 

How Long Does Honeycomb Last?

If stored properly inside an air-tight container, honeycomb can last a long time and can stay fresh for a maximum of two years. Be sure to store honeycomb away from sunlight to ensure that it keeps its natural sweetness, along with its many potential benefits. You may also preserve it inside a freezer to further extend its shelf life. 

Make sure to label your container properly with the date specified to ensure that it doesn’t stay unused for too long. 

Can You Add Honeycomb to Tea?

Yes you can, and you’ll be sure to love the results. Adding pieces of honeycomb to your tea will give you a sweet and cloudy drink, where the small wax particles are dissolved in the hot water. Even so, you can be sure that this curious cup of golden liquid will be safe for you to sip on. 

Is Honeycomb Better than Sugar?

Yes, honeycomb is generally a healthier alternative to sugar and provides natural sweetness without extra calories. Moreover, it comes with an array of health benefits such as aiding your digestion and boosting your immune system. It also comes with plenty of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can help your body inside and out. 

Are There Risks To Eating Honeycomb?

Yes, there are a few risks associated with eating honeycomb, which may contain botulism spores. These can be dangerous when consumed in big amounts, and some people may even have an allergic reaction to consuming bee pollen. As such, it’s vital that you look for medical advice before you eat raw honeycomb if you suspect that you’re allergic. 

Where Do You Buy Honeycomb? 

Honeycomb is readily available in many grocery stores, and is also available online. But before you make a purchase, be sure to do your research and due diligence in looking for a trusted and reputable source. Not all honeycombs are made equal, and some suppliers will provide better quality than others, so source your supplier carefully. 

Yes, You Can Eat Honeycomb

Honeycomb is generally safe to eat, and provides an excellent way to transform everyday foods into something even better. With so many potential health benefits, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t try eating this natural sweetener today. The only thing you need to do before you purchase raw honeycomb is to find a good supplier to ensure the quality of your product as well as your safety. Once you do this, get creative and add honeycomb to all your favorite meals and drinks to see how much flavor it can add to your life.