What Does Undercooked Chicken Taste Like?

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Have you ever tasted undercooked chicken? If not, then you probably don’t know what it tastes like. However, in this article, we will thoroughly discuss undercooked chicken and how it tastes like. We will also mention the health benefits of undercooked chicken, how to cook it properly, and answer several queries related to undercooked chicken.

What Is Undercooked Chicken?

Undercooked chicken is different from the cooked chicken because it is dense and jiggly. The chicken has a slightly shiny appearance and unappealing texture. If you eat out often, you will probably be able to differentiate between the cooked and undercooked chicken.

What Does Undercooked Chicken Taste Like?

People often have this question in mind, which is understandable since they don’t want to sink their teeth into raw meat. Also, raw or undercooked chicken can cause health problems such as food poisoning. The main indication of a raw chicken is the minimal internal temperature.

Imagine having roasted chicken thighs in your hands, and you have problems chewing them. The first indication of an undercooked chicken is that you won’t be able to chew it. Undercooked chicken has little flavor and no taste; it is bland but sometimes may have some properties of cooked chicken.

How Is Undercooked Chicken Made?

There are many reasons why your chicken can remain undercooked. It is important to know what those reasons are so that you can avoid making these mistakes in the future:

High Heat

There is a lot that can go wrong when cooking chicken, especially when you are frying it. If you are frying the chicken on high heat, it can develop an undercooked interior and burned exterior. It is key to getting the perfect cooking temperature. Always keep a food thermometer around when cooking or frying chicken.

Cooking Oil

You can also use the wrong cooking oil for cooking or frying the chicken. Do not take the oil for granted; use the type of oil that is compatible with the chicken and one that will ensure that the chicken is cooked thoroughly. However, please ensure that you don’t end up with an overcooked chicken.

How Do You Cook Undercooked Chicken?

No one deliberately cooks undercooked chicken; it usually happens when people have no idea how to cook the chicken or get the cooking method wrong. Here are a few reasons why your chicken may remain undercooked:

High cooking temperature

If you have a high cooking temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit or more, your chicken will remain undercooked. Please ensure that the heat has a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooking cold chicken

Another common mistake that you might be making is cooking cold chicken. This is a warning sign and will result in your chicken being undercooked. When you put the cold chicken in hot oil, the burning oil will come down to a low temperature.

The chicken coating will not have a crispy texture, so ensure that you rest your chicken at room temperature for at least half an hour before dropping it in the cooking oil.

Frying chicken in a large pot or deep fryer

Deep fryers or large pots require a large quantity of cooking oil and are difficult to clean, messy, and clunky. The best way to cook or fry chicken is a Dutch oven or a Cast-iron Skillet.

You’re cooking the thickest part of the chicken

While people often use drumsticks for fried chickens, you can also use other chicken pieces. You can use chicken breasts and chicken thighs as well. However, you should always remember to fry the same-sized pieces together.

What Do You Eat Undercooked Chicken With?

While you should be eating 100 % cooked chicken, if, for instance, your chicken is slightly undercooked, you can pair it with several types of foods. Here are some foods that you can pair undercooked chicken with:


Chicken is a nutrient-rich variety of meat, and you can pair it with spinach to make it healthier. Chicken provides you the protein you need, and vegetables such as spinach can offer Vitamin C and A.

Chicken Breast and Broccoli

Iron is important for our bodies as it helps us keep our energy levels high. We can increase the iron content in our bodies by absorbing iron through food. Chicken is an iron-rich food, and chicken steak and broccoli are mouth-watering and delicious combinations.

While the chicken might be slightly undercooked and will not be as harmful as raw chicken, your best bet is to cook it properly before enjoying it with your favorite food items or dishes; otherwise, it can cause unnecessary harm.

Is Undercooked Chicken Good For You?

Unfortunately, undercooked chicken is not good for you. Experts believe that all types of farm animals carry Salmonella, a type of lethal bacteria. However, chicken has the highest quantity of Salmonella than any other farm animal.

If you consume raw chicken, it can lead to enteric fever, gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, and other severe illnesses. If the infection goes beyond the intentional tract, it can become fatal. Campylobacter bacteria can also invade your body if you eat undercooked chicken or other meat varieties.

While most people generally recover from these illnesses in a week or so, some can experience serious and life-threatening complications. In addition to these illnesses, there are other reasons why you should always avoid eating undercooked chicken and look for substitutes:

Guillain-Barre Syndrome

GBS (Guillain-Barre Syndrome) is a rare disease and is a Campylobacter infection. This infection can occur in the body when the antibodies needed to fight the Campylobacter infection attack the nerve cells. However, this infection is rare as only 1 in 1000 reported cases of Campylobacter infection lead to Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Check out 5 Best Le Creuset Cookware.

This syndrome can lead to temporary paralysis; it begins in the feet and then gradually moves upwards. If you have a serious infection, GBS can completely paralyze your body. If the infection completely paralyzes people, they need a breathing apparatus. Check out 5 Best Stand mixers for bread and 5 Best Commercial Food processors.

Paralysis may follow several weeks after the Diarrhea infection. While most individuals can recover from this syndrome, the weakness may remain for several weeks.

Reactive Arthritis

The Campylobacter infection also causes reactive arthritis. Some symptoms of this disease can lead to inflammation in the following areas:

  • Reproductive organs
  • Urinary system
  • Eyes
  • Joints

The symptoms may start to appear 18 days after the infection.

Related Questions about Undercooked Chicken?

How to safely handle Chicken?

There are several steps you can take to ensure that the chicken is handled safely so that you don’t end up with raw chicken that can cause infections:

  • First thing to do after preparing raw chicken for cooking is to wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Wrap undercooked chicken in an additional plastic bag before storing it in the fridge. This will prevent the juices from leaking from the chicken.
  • Use a specific board to cut raw chicken.
  • Wash the countertop, utensils, cutting boards, and dishes thoroughly with soap after preparing the raw chicken.
  • Please follow the package instructions before you cook the chicken.
  • Always check for signs of spoilage in the chicken.

How to ensure Chicken is safe to eat and fully cooked?

The best way to ensure that the chicken is cooked is to use a meat thermometer. You can also check the texture and color of the chicken, but a thermometer will be more reliable. However, if you want to check the texture of the chicken has a rubbery texture, it is undercooked. As far as color is concerned, it is undercooked if the chicken has a gray color. You can also finger test the chicken feel to see if it is cooked. Check out 5 Best Professional stand mixers and 5 Best Slow juicers.


This article will help you understand everything about undercooked chicken, what it tastes like, and if it is safe to eat or not. Study the information thoroughly and take the next step.