Venus Factor Diet: An Honest Review

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Venus FactorPerhaps you’ve tried a wide variety of diet plans and have yet to find the right one for you. In your search, you may have encountered the Venus Factor diet but have no idea how it works or how it can help you achieve your ideal body shape. Luckily, we’ve done the research and have compiled everything you need to know about this diet plan in our Venus Factor review. 

What is the Venus Factor Diet? 

The Venus Factor is a fat loss system that’s marketed and aimed at women. This program uses a combination of workouts and diet plans that work in conjunction with taking control of your leptin levels. Also known as the Venus Factor 12-week weight loss system, it has been around since the early 2010s and was developed to aid weight loss through the regulation of specific hormones. 

Those interested in this fitness program will need to purchase their 12-week program which includes meal plans and a nutrition plan delivered in the form of an e-book. Using his Master’s degree in Human Biology and Nutrition, John Barban developed this weight loss plan at the University of Guelph. As the author of Venus Factor system, Barban provided the following summary of this 12-week weight loss program:

  • Burn more calories than you eat
  • Pay no attention to good or bad foods
  • Have a workout plan or exercise program in place
  • Limit intake of sugar, soy, artificial sweeteners, and sugar-sweetened beverages
  • For the last six weeks, you’ll need to focus on eating fat, protein, or carbohydrates

The 200-page e-book will contain many sample dietary plans while the rest of the content will consist of general dietary advice. However, there’s little information about this 12-week weight loss nutrition program, even on their official website. Most of the details surrounding this diet program appear to be promotions and you can only get more information once you purchase the Venus Factor diet plan. 

How Does John Barban’s Venus Factor Diet Work? 

While most traditional weight loss programs put an emphasis on exercise and diet, the Venus Factor offers a unique online weight loss program that takes things further with leptin sensitivity training. Nutrition expert, Melissa Mitri says that the VF system claims to help with weight loss goals by decreasing the female fat loss hormone known as leptin. Furthermore, the Venus Factor weight loss program claims to be able to control your appetite by reversing leptin resistance. 

However, scientific research linking leptin resistance to weight loss is currently inconclusive, and there’s no evidence to prove the effectiveness of Venus immersion. Unfortunately, it’s also hard to accurately measure the effectiveness of the Venus Factor diet since there are so many false reviews in the online community. Apart from its claims to help dieters become less leptin resistant, this diet practices basic principles such as following an exercise plan and eating fewer calories. 

Just like many other nutrition programs, the Venus Factor diet comes with various pros and cons. Below are a few things to consider before deciding that this is the right choice for your specific needs. 

Venus Factor Program Advantages

According to those who have tried the diet, some of the advantages they enjoyed included the following: 

  • This diet doesn’t require fasting 
  • It can be used by anyone, no matter their fitness level
  • It’s relatively affordable compared to other body transformation programs

It Focuses on Protein and Fiber

The Venus Factor weight loss manual encourages you to eat a diet rich in fiber and protein. However, there’s a debate on whether this is a science-based weight loss program complete with scientific resources for the specific intake of these nutrients. What we do know is that consuming enough protein can help you feel fuller for longer, and could help reduce the number of calories you eat. 

Moreover, getting enough fiber in your diet can help with weight management, while providing other health benefits. 

It Also Encourages Exercise

Another great benefit to this diet is the encouragement it gives women to become more physically active through a workout program included with your purchase. Its 12-week workout regime can help to start your lifestyle change and was made specifically for the female body that aims to work for long-term results. However, purchasing this digital program isn’t necessary if you really want a healthy weight and to get rid of stubborn fat — there are plenty of free sources readily available for you. 

Venus Factor Program Disadvantages

Unfortunately, the Venus Factor diet comes with many downsides to it, making this option less than ideal for people wanting to combat weight gain, such as: 

  • Only effective for women’s weight loss
  • Uses deceitful or fraudulent marketing techniques
  • The actual content on the diet is limited until you make a purchase 
  • Isn’t supported by scientific research and could have potential side effects 
  • Sells information and details that have already been made available for free 

Deceitful Marketing

The Venus Factor diet makes use of marketing tactics and assertions that haven’t been scientifically proven. It also makes false promises such as: 

  • Being able to help women of any body type eat whatever they want without gaining more body weight
  • Claims to be the future of weight loss in women
  • For every 10 pounds you lose, it will feel like 20 pounds
  • The diet will always lead to weight loss, regardless of how much pasta, pizza, or bread you eat every week
  • It will teach you the foods you can eat so that you can always lose weight

Moreover, the sales video displayed on their website makes a wide range of scientifically false statements. One such example is the fact that it claims new research proves how a leptin diet is in control of everything you need to know about weight loss in women. While hormonal changes do play an important role in weight loss, it’s just a part of a much more complex process. 

Misleading References

This brand provides a reference page on the website but doesn’t show any context on how the studies were implemented as part of the program. They also use old, outdated sources from 1975, along with more recent data from 2012 which don’t have obvious relevance to their fat loss program. Even so, these dates are important because science is an ever-evolving field that needs constant updates, and the world of nutrition needs relevant, accurate information. 

Generic Information

Because you’re willing to spend money on a particular weight loss program, you probably expect it to provide a unique solution for your weight loss goals. However, the program will only provide you with generic advice that you can find anywhere online. This is a huge drawback to the diet as you won’t find quality information or any new details after paying for the program. 


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the Venus Factor diet. 

What Can I Eat?

Because this diet has extremely limited information online, it’s hard to find sample menus or meal plans unless you purchase the e-book or Venus Factor PDF. The little information that does exist says that it has a focus on high fiber and high protein foods while limiting carbohydrate intake. It also recommends limiting artificial sweeteners, foods with added sugar, as well as soy products. 

Does it Help with Weight Loss?

Yes, the Venus Factor program does implement many healthy habits that support healthy weight loss, such as: 

  • Eating enough protein
  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Consuming soluble fiber
  • Exercising regularly
  • Minimizing intake of processed foods

However, remember that none of these processes are unique to the Venus Factor system, and are also essential parts of many other diet programs. 

How Much Does it Cost?

As of writing, the Venus Factor program is available for purchase online with a price tag of $37. According to the website, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, along with immediate access to their program as soon as your payment is approved. Included in this price are the following: 

  • A 12-week nutrition and diet program
  • A 12-week workout program
  • A Venus Factor virtual nutritionist

The Verdict

Overall, the Venus Factor diet isn’t one of the best diets to try, let alone recommend to others who are looking to lose weight. Using unsupported claims and misleading information to make the program appealing to women is a major red flag. While it doesn’t eliminate whole food groups and encourages healthy eating and exercising, it’s not as reliable and reputable as many other weight loss alternatives.