The Best Granite for Kitchen Countertops

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Best Granite For Kitchen CountertopsGranite countertops are a great way to insert an accent color into a traditional kitchen, but are you aware that there are different types of granite? Thanks to the vast improvements in the manufacturing and export process of these materials since the 1980s, demand increased and made it a top competitor of marble. In this article, we share the best granite for kitchen countertops and how they can help to create contemporary kitchens

Trending Granite Kitchen Countertop Designs    

Granite is among the most popular countertop materials used today; this natural stone outshines marble in terms of durability since it’s solid, hardy, and isn’t as porous — it’s also less prone to etching and staining. Another great thing about granite is that it’s easy to clean and is low maintenance, making it a wonderful choice for busy communal areas of the home. Below are some of the biggest trends this year if you’re looking for the best granite countertop for your kitchen. 

Neutral Tones

These are inspired by minimalist Scandinavian designs, neutral tones are highly popular; light countertops can be complemented through warmer tones like gold, copper, or brown accents. Neutral tones won’t lose their appeal quickly, plus they can be updated easily through bright decor or a good coat of fresh wall paint. Moreover, light-colored granite can make your kitchen look brighter and cleaner; cream, white, gray, and light blue colors can provide a classic look which can be paired well with wood.   

Honed or Matte Finish

A honed finish will give your granite a low luster and a matte surface that offers a more natural and softer look while color can be added for increased richness and depth. This effect is available in velvet diamond, smooth matte, and satin finishes; this look can be achieved by stopping the process halfway before the surface gets shiny. It will look different on each granite countertop sample but deliver a consistently smooth look, drawing out its natural patterns.     

Patterns and Veins 

Pure white granite is still one of the most popular granite colors but there’s been a recent move toward patterns and veins. Many granite countertops will be full of rich and naturally occuring patterns that give every bathroom and kitchen a unique look. Its veins can be dramatic or subtle, making the wood pop out when the right hue is paired.    

Best Granite for Kitchen Countertop 

If you’re looking for the perfect choice to complete the look for your kitchen, look no further than the options below.      

Colonial White Granite

Known for its rose-colored flakes, this off-white granite with gray patches is also covered with dark black speckles, reminiscent of the cookies and cream combo. Because it’s a white stone, it pairs well with light and dark kitchens; inside light spaces, this granite produces a warm and welcoming atmosphere that complements dark spaces. This can be a great choice if you like white granite countertops but prefer warm tones.  

Black Galaxy Granite

This newer kind of granite has become more and more popular for its beauty and durability during the last few decades. As a result of bronzite deposits, it contains gold, copper, and white flecks that radiantly shine when exposed to light. While its metallic flecks can be better accentuated when it’s highly polished, it will also look gorgeous when given a matte finish.     

White Ice Granite

This option is a dramatic and modern choice for countertops and is durable enough to be used in residential and commercial installations. Captivating by its predominant white hue, it also mesmerizes through speckles of black, blue, and gray. Every slab of this material will tell a unique story; its intricate veining will ensure individuality and sophistication and each pattern is its own masterpiece. 

Alaska White Granite

This granite countertop contains dense amounts of Onyx running throughout the stone, making it a good choice among people who want something more complex than the usual white colors. You’ll find that its uneven patterns of silver and white with black and gray swirls give it an eclectic and modern feel and will work well with dark cabinets. Alaska White Granite epitomizes the rugged elegance and pristine beauty of the Arctic, which offers a blend of durability and style.   

Nordic Black Granite

This is a uniform stone with large minerals that contain tightly locked white veins and metallic grains that will always impress. Durable and strong, it will make a striking statement whenever placed over dark or light cupboards — it’s a sophisticated stone that comes with a shallow depth along with low variations subtle enough for blending with other patterns. Both fashionable and functional, it contains charcoal, onyx, and black colors and will pair wonderfully with copper and gold accents.   

Black Pearl Granite

This predominantly black granite comes in a semi-solid color with speckles of gold, silver, black, green, brown, and gray — it is a durable granite and an excellent choice for granite countertops and backsplashes. Because it’s available in a wide range of finishes, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Black granite kitchen countertops like these are strong, scratch-resistant, and heat-resistant, making them the perfect granite countertop for a busy kitchen. 

Silver Cloud Granite

These finely-grained granite countertops come with sterling, jet, and gray swirls that flow through alabaster, ivory, and white colors to create a sophisticated look. This durable material can be used in both interior and exterior applications in both homes and businesses. When seen up close, it features the best granite colors and the unique appearance of sand-like distribution of the minerals, bringing a visual appeal to smaller kitchens.  

Kashmir White Granite

This white granite stone is among the best options that you can find in the market and will easily blend with both traditional and contemporary spaces. Kashmir white granite is robust and durable, while also being weather and stain-resistant, so you can use it for flooring, wall cladding, vanity tops, countertops, and more. Apart from the strength and longevity it can provide, it’s also available in a mix of vibrant colors which include a white base with a variety of earth tones like gray and black.  

White Ornamental Granite

This low variation of white granite is suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor design projects, including accent walls, granite countertops, backsplashes, floors, and other elements. White Ornamental Granite is known for its white background with flecks of burgundy and striations of gray to create a countertop material that’s truly stunning. As such, this granite is popular for its timeless and elegant appearance; it will look beautiful on both light and dark kitchen cabinets.  

White Galaxy Granite

This granite countertop is known for its stunning white color; this medium-grained, white-to-cream granulite comes with small clear crystals along with pale brown garnets. White Galaxy granite is a hard stone which makes it scratch-proof and will work beautifully as a large slab. It’s known to shine in natural light, and when given proper care, it will remain in top shape and preserve its elegant look and unique personality.   

Blue Pearl Granite

This beautiful blue granite countertop offers distinct and gorgeous markings that look similar to the mother of pearl. It comes with either a dark gray background or a deep black background, which is covered with crystals that reflect light; this mesmerizing stone with blue coloration makes it a great alternative to the usual white and black granite. Rare and eye-catching, any home with this granite selection will surely get a dazzling feel and look. 

Andromeda White Granite

Despite having a common color, Andromeda White granite provides a modern look and offers a subtle variation from the usual white countertop. This speckled beige and white stone comes with gray veins along with small streaks of black grain all over the slab. It can be used for countertops, mosaics, fountains, window sills, and more; generally, this is the preferred stone of bakers and food content creators since its light surface contrasts with dark colors. 

Costa Esmeralda Granite 

If you’re looking for a green granite option, then the Costa Esmeralda granite may just be the right one for your needs. It can be used for both interior and exterior projects on applications such as countertops, backsplashes, landscaping, and more. Its light green color is covered in gold veins with medium variations from one slab to the next; this gorgeous stone will add elegance to all modern kitchens. 

Brass Blue Granite

The Brass Blue granite countertop can be admired from a distance, which looks like large swells of ocean water; its dark background is coupled with patches of white interlaced with swirls of black and gray. It also comes with various blue veins that run across the surface, producing an elegant pattern accompanied by fragments. This stunning granite material comes with a cool hue that will work with most interiors and will contrast well with copper and gold fixtures.  

The Best Granite for Kitchen Countertops

There’s no denying that granite countertops are a popular choice for kitchens due to their durability, natural beauty, and heat resistance but the first thing you need to consider are granite countertop costs. The best way to work with white kitchens is to look into neutral colors, which follow current design trends. However, if money is not an issue, the next thing you might need to think about is your kitchen’s color palette and the type of granite that might blend with it.