The Best Dishwashers Under $500

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Best Dishwashers Under $500A good-quality dishwasher is among the best investments you can make for your home; it won’t just save you time and effort but will also conserve water and energy, effectively lowering your utility bills. While there is a wide range of options available for you to choose from, finding the right one for your needs can be a tedious task. Here, we’ve done the research for you, where we’ve found the best dishwashers under $500 for clean dishes at a reasonable price point!  

Why Use Dishwashers? 

Having a reliable dishwasher in the kitchen can be highly convenient, especially if you don’t have time to wash huge piles of dishes manually. Doing dishes by hand is both less efficient and time-consuming; luckily, there is a wide range of dishwasher designs for any need you might have. These include models with a third rack, adjustable racks, fold-down tines, touch controls, and more.  

Apart from the number of dishes you can wash and the installation requirements for your space, there are other factors to consider, such as the kind of dishes you can wash and smart capabilities to monitor your cycle. Unfortunately, working on a budget means that you may miss out on some of the top brands so this list won’t have Bosch dishwashers, Miele dishwashers, or a Kitchenaid dishwasher. Even so, don’t think for a second that whichever you pick from the options below will be a cheap dishwasher.

You’ll be surprised at just how capable these choices are for half the price of many of the big-name brands. Below, we share models with functionality along with great features that provide real value for these affordable dishwashers. 

Best Dishwashers Under $500

Here are our favorite models that won’t cost anything over $500 while still providing premium features that can make life that much easier even if it’s not a Bosch model. 

1. COMFEE Portable Mini Dishwasher

Comfee Portable Mini Dishwasher


  • With a built-in water tank, there’s no installation needed! 
  • Its compact size allows you to place it anywhere in your kitchen
  • Has 6 programmable options, including Fruit, Steam, Glass, and more
  • Comes with a Hygiene wash cycle that boosts the water temperature to 162°F 
  • With an Air Refresh feature to remove moisture and odor from your plates

The COMFEE Portable Mini Dishwasher has an ultra-compact design so it won’t take up much space on your kitchen counter and will be right at home inside small apartments, boats, campers, and dorms. Even so, it has the capacity to wash over 30 items at a time with a maximum diameter of 9.5 inches. It comes with 6 programmable options including Glass, Fruit, Steam, Rapid, and Normal, along with Air Refresh which helps to keep the environment inside clean and fresh.

You’ll also find that its Hygiene wash cycle can boost the water temperature anywhere between 162°F to 192°F to ensure that even the toughest of grease and stains are removed from your cutlery and plates. These additional features can also be used to clean children’s dinner sets or baby bottles. With a 5L water tank built-in, you can place this dishwasher anywhere without the need for tap water, or you can hook it up to your kitchen faucet using the included water hose.          


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2. Kenmore 24” Built-In Stainless Steel Tub Dishwasher

Kenmore 24 Built In Stainless Steel Tub Dishwasher


  • One of the quietest dishwashers in the market at just 51 dBA during operation
  • A great option if you’re looking for a 24” built-in dishwasher 
  • Key features include UltraWash and SmartDry which you won’t find elsewhere
  • With a customizable capacity that allows you to accommodate bigger items
  • Attractive and functional, it’s perfect for any kind of kitchen and decor

When you want to get dishes done in a flash, the Kenmore 24” Built-In Stainless Steel Tub Dishwasher is a full-size dishwasher that fits right into your kitchen without costing you an arm and a leg. This stainless steel tub remains attractive wash after wash since it resists food stains and retains heat for the best drying performance in every cycle, making it a stylish addition to any home. With its SmartWash Cycle, it automatically adjusts the amount of water, temperature, duration, and amount of water, giving you the best value for money. 

At just 51 dBA, this great dishwasher offers ultra-quiet operation with a serene kitchen environment no matter the time of day.      


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3. Honeywell 18 Inch Dishwasher

Honeywell 18 Inch Dishwasher


  • Comes with 8 place settings and 2 racks with a removable cutlery basket
  • Offers multiple functions; with 6 washing programs for you to choose from
  • With a stainless-steel tub that provides better performance and efficiency 
  • Its Energy Star certification means that it has a lower energy consumption
  • With dimensions of 24”D x 24.5”W x 33.74”H, it can fit inside small spaces

The Honeywell 18-inch dishwasher may come with fewer features but it’s still one of the best freestanding portable dishwashers for its price range. With 8 place settings, 2 racks, and a silverware basket, it offers a larger capacity compared to other options and offers 6 washing programs. Choose from Normal, Heavy, Eco, Rinse, Rapid, and Glass to help you the most out of this product at an affordable price. 

This Energy Star-certified and ADA-compliant option is among the best portable dishwashers on the market; it’ll soon be one of the most indispensable kitchen appliances you’ll have. 


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4. Magic Chef MCSCD6W5 Countertop Dishwasher

Magic Chef Mcscd6w5 Countertop Dishwasher


  • Promotes energy efficiency by holding up to 6 place settings and features 6 wash programs
  • With a digital display and easy-to-use electronic controls for convenience
  • Comes with a stainless steel interior with a cutlery basket and cup shelf
  • Offers a drying process that helps to avoid contamination from the outside air 
  • Quick and easy installation process through the included inlet and outlet hoses

When you want something energy-efficient, you can count on the Magic Chef MCSCD6W5 Countertop Dishwasher, which is Energy Star-rated and comes in a space-saving design. It comes with unique features such as 6 wash programs, 24-hour delayed start, and an EZ Clean removable filter that places it among the top countertop dishwashers. It’s also incredibly easy to use since it comes with a digital display and electronic controls, as well as a quick setup kit that allows you to install it without help from professionals. 


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5. Midea MDF18A1AST Built-in Dishwasher

Midea Mdf18a1ast Built In Dishwasher


  • This built-in dishwasher comes with a digital control panel with an LED display
  • Comes with adjustable legs and a streamlined design 
  • Can accommodate plates and pots of up to 11” in height
  • These built-in models come with various features including a heated dry cycle
  • With a heating element that removes even the toughest of grimes

If you’re looking for smart dishwashers, the Midea MDF18A1AST Built-in Dishwasher comes with a slim body that can fit inside a small kitchen and even under the kitchen sink. It has been thoughtfully designed with a flexible and spacious interior to accommodate big plates, pans, and pots. With this, you can clean dishes using the many different features it offers such as Sanitize, Hi-Temperature, Heated Dry, and with 6 different programs, it might just be the right dishwasher for you. 

The heated dry option ensures that you get dry dishes by the time you need them, so you’ll never have to dry dishes using a towel. Moreover, the Hygiene wash cycle heats up the water temperature to 136°F to eliminate food particles and is suitable even for baby care items. Because it’s one of the most cost-effective dishwashers, it offers great value and is a good option if you’re looking for a top-brand appliance at a good price.     


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6. Samsung DW80N3030US/AA StormWash

Samsung Dw80n3030us Aa Stormwash


  • With a fully-integrated Touch Control Panel and soft touch technology
  • Features a stain-resistant tub that keeps your dishwasher clean and durable
  • Comes with a smart sensor that protects it against leaks 
  • Its Height Adjustment feature allows you to move your upper rack for more space
  • An Auto Cycle detects how dirty your dishes are so it can provide the optimal wash

Apart from its sleek look, the Samsung DW80N3030US/AA StormWash is also known as the best quiet dishwasher by users who love smart appliances. With soft touch technology embedded into its Touch Control panel, it can intuitively check on each clean cycle while providing you with a minimalist look in the kitchen. Operating at just 51 decibels, it creates less noise so you can enjoy the peace and quiet in your home.      

It can also help you save gallons of water through its rapid water leak protection and detection feature, which stops the cycle whenever it detects small traces of water. Furthermore, it makes the whole process even more efficient through its Auto Cycle feature, which determines how dirty your dishes are and then chooses the right cleaning cycle for your needs. Finally, this Energy-Star-certified dishwasher will help you save on money, water, and energy so you can enjoy the savings in the long run.  


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7. Hermitlux Countertop Dishwasher

Hermitlux Countertop Dishwasher


  • Leaves a small footprint while providing a 4 place-setting capacity
  • Offers 5 washing programs with two high-pressure spraying arms
  • No installation is needed and supports 2 water supply modes
  • Can reach high temperatures of up to 167°F to completely clean glassware
  • Easy operation and provides great customer service for all who need assistance

The Hermitlux Countertop Dishwasher may not be as well known as the other options above, but its performance is nevertheless high, offering a convenient way to clean dishes after your meal. This portable dishwasher measures 16.85”x16.73”x18.03” which means that it can fit inside dorms, RVs, boats, apartments, and smaller houses while operating at a quiet level. It offers 5 washing programs including Strong Cleaning, Fruit Cleaning, Eco Cleaning, Fast Cleaning, and the Normal Cycle, so you can use it to clean vegetables, fruits, tableware, and oily glassware. 

With no installation needed, this countertop dishwasher comes with two supply modes. In water tank mode, it can be placed under your counter for control of the water and to prevent overflow, and with faucet mode, you just need to connect it to your faucet. When using High-Temperature mode, you can give all glassware a sparkling clean finish through 167°F of water.         


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How to Choose Your Dishwasher

When you don’t have time to go to Home Depot and check each model in person, you’ll want to come up with a checklist of what to look for. This will ensure that you order the right dishwasher for your needs. Below is a quick guide to help you. 


Thanks to technological advances, there are more types of dishwashers today, including the standard built-in and integrated models as well as countertop and portable models. If you live in a smaller home, it’s best to opt for the latter options since they can fit in small spaces easily. But if you’re looking for a permanent option that offers more features, look into the first two choices.  

Size and Capacity

These appliances will typically come in two size options; the standard 24-inch models or the half-size 18-inch models, which refers to the unit’s width. Dishwashers that offer 5-piece place settings can hold a lot of items but make sure to look for options that offer space for cutlery and glasses rather than just dishes. When looking at the size of your dishwasher, think about how big your plates are and consider the height of its drawers. 

Noise Level

Buying a quiet dishwasher can have many advantages, especially because dishwashers are often noisy. A standard dishwasher’s noise level is around 51 dBAs. Aim for options between 45 to 50 dBA if you want less noise around your home. But if you’re willing to pay more, you can look for more expensive options that deliver an ultra-quiet performance of 44 dBA or less.  


Some dishwashers come with a third level rack that you can slide out to catch baby spoons or plastic straws that can fall through the first two racks. Other features to look for include wash cycles available, rinse aid, quick wash, dry setting, and a hard food disposer can also be a good idea. If spending a bit more money isn’t a problem, you can also look into smart dishwashers with Wi-Fi connectivity, Energy Star-certified options, and more. 


Whether you’re looking for a freestanding dishwasher or one that’s built-in, you can shop confidently knowing that the options above are the best choices for this price range. While it’s too early to look for Black Friday sales, there’s no need to wait since all of these dishwashers come at an affordable price while offering a wide range of features.