Sugar Snap Peas vs. Edamame – What’s The Difference?

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Edamame and sugar snap peas belong from the legume family and have a similar shape, size, and color appearance. However, there remain some differences. Both the legumes are commonly used and have a good nutrition profile.

The main difference between the sugar snap peas and edamame includes the beans of the edamame are more rounded in shape and visible from the shell, while the sugar snap peas are oval in shape and have a thick covering. Edamame has more calories than sugar snap peas.

Sugar snap peas are edible, while the edamame is inedible until the bean is extracted from its shell. Lastly, the texture of sugar snap peas is softer as compared to the texture of edamame. Yet there remain many similarities between them both.

In the article below, we have mentioned in detail the basic information related to sugar snap peas and edamame.

Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snap peas are also called snap peas, and these are edible peas. The sugar snap peas are made from garden peas and snow peas, making the hybrid. Some pope removes the strings attached to the peas and consumes them later.


Sugar snap peas are sweet in taste, and the texture is crunchy and crispy. The peas are soft, and most people consume them either frying or boiling. As the name indicates, Sugar snap peas give a very sweet and delicious taste.


There are multiple ways in which one can consume sugar snap peas, and some of the ways are mentioned below. One can consume sugar snap peas in raw form, which means removing the stem of the peas and consuming it directly. One can add dipping and sauces to enhance the taste or add the peas in a salad bowl.

Another method for the consumption of peas includes sautéing in some olive oil. Add the seasonings such as salt and pepper, which will give a delicious taste. Blanching the sugar snap peas is another method; this makes the peas go tender and delicious to consume.

Lastly, one can consume it by roasting or grilling the peas. This process can take only two to three minutes. One can roast them in the oven by adding spices and herbs to enhance the taste and serve along with dipping or sauce.


Serving the sugar snap peas is very easy as they are very versatile and go along with many recipes and dishes. One can include them in daily snacking, making the hunger go away and providing nutrition. Some people consume peas for breakfast along with eggs or bacon.

Blanched peas are included in salads and pasta. Sugar snap peas are specially added to Asian food to enhance the taste. Some other spices and herbs, such as ginger, lemon, fresh mint, and oregano, are added to the sugar snap peas.

Nutritional Facts

Sugar snap peas contain a high amount of fiber in them, and by consuming them, bones are stronger, and immunity is increased. Sugar snap peas are good for heart health and contain vitamin C in abundance, which acts as an antioxidant in the body. The serving size of hundred grams of sugar snap peas contains:

  • Total Calories 42 Kcal
  • Total Fat 0.2 g
  • Total Carbs 7.6 g
  • Sodium 4 mg
  • Proteins 2.8 g
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Iron 2 mg
  • Calcium 43 mg
  • Potassium 200 mg
  • Vitamin A 1085 mg
  • Vitamin C 60 mg


Edamame is similar to sugar snap peas and comes under the legumes category. These are the types of soybeans harvested before they are fully mature. But the main thing is that edamame peas are not edible unless the bean is squeezed out of its shell.


Edamame is rounded in shape, and the bean is present inside the shell. The taste of edamame is sweet, and these beans are harvested early. The early harvesting gives them a grassy taste, and one can also feel a nutty flavor in the mouth. The texture of edamame is hard and firm.


The pod of edamame is un-edible, but some ways in which edamame can be consumed are mentioned below. Firstly, one can boil the edamame in salty water for about five minutes and rinse it with cold water. Once boiled, squeeze the bean out of the pod and consume it as a snack or add salads or dipping.

The next method would be steaming the edamame, especially in a bamboo steamer which will give more taste to it. Steam the edamame for ten minutes, rinse it with cold water and consume it as it goes tender. Cooking the edamame on high heat is another good method.

Heat the pan and cook the pod for a certain time limit; this will make the edamame go black, and one can consume it warm. To consume the edamame as a snack, one can microwave it for three minutes and add some spicy seasoning to enhance the taste.


Just like sugar snap peas, edamame is used as an appetizer. One can remove the pod and take out the bean, which can be consumed later and dipping. Edamame is a healthy snack and has great taste. The dipping of edamame is also consumed, such as creamy dipping of edamame or hummus edamame dipping served along with peas and avocado.

Edamame can be consumed as a side dish or as a main dish. Edamame pods are often mixed with ingredients such as tomatoes and zucchini and served as healthy salads or snacks. The edamame is added with other products such as mushrooms or beets and consumed as the main dish.

Nutritional Facts

Edamame is an enriched source of proteins and contains a high amount of fiber content. Omega-three fatty acids and omega-six fatty acids are also present in edamame. The serving size of 100 grams of edamame contains:

  • Total Calories 147 Kcal
  • Total Fat 6.8 g
  • Total Carbs 711.1g
  • Sodium 15 mg
  • Proteins 13 g
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Iron 4 mg
  • Calcium 197 mg
  • Potassium 620 mg
  • Vitamin A 180 mg
  • Vitamin C 29 mg

So, what is the Difference between Sugar Snap Peas and Edamame?

Concluding the article mentioned above into key points:

  1. The edamame beans are more rounded in shape and are visible from the shell, while the sugar snap peas are oval in shape and have a thick covering.
  2. Sugar snap peas are edible, while the edamame is inedible until the bean is extracted from its shell.
  3. Edamame has more calories than sugar snap peas.
  4. Lastly, the texture of sugar snap peas is softer as compared to the texture of edamame.