Spearmint Everything You Need To Know

Spearmint: Everything You Need To Know

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Spearmint is one of the species of mint herb. Spearmint, along with few other herbs, belongs to the mint family. This herb is used for various reasons worldwide, and its use for culinary purposes is one of the top ones. The oil extracted from this herb is also very famous worldwide, and people use it for different reasons. The majority of the population around the world cultivate this plant because of its oil.

This herb is the native plant of Asia and Europe. But with time, spearmint also became famous in other regions like Africa and North America. In ancient times, this herb was known to be the herb of hospitality. They considered it the plant that symbolizes wisdom. Moreover, spearmint is available in both fresh and dry forms, and people use both of them. It works as a flavoring agent in foods, drinks, and other edible items.

What does Spearmint Look Like?

The hardy perennial herb of spearmint grows around 30 cm to 100 cm in height. The plant is filled with bright green leaves. The leaves are veined and have a size of 5 cm to 9 cm in length and 1.5 cm to 3 cm in width. The leaves have uneven teeth. The spearmint plant also contains small flowers that have different colors. It ranges from deep violet to pale color. The flowers are filled with tiny seeds which have a round shape with brown color.

Where does Spearmint Come From?

Spearmint is the native plant of Europe and Asia. Its production extends from Ireland to China. In the older times, people mostly used this herb for medical purposes. For example, the Chinese used spearmint to treat influenza, eye inflammations, head colds, sore throat, etc. But botanically, this herb comes from the Lamiaceae family of plants which is the mint family. This family also contains around 7000 different species, while some famous herbs include sage, basil, mint, oregano, catnip, and much more. To be more specific, spearmint comes from the herbaceous plants, one of the genera under the Lamiaceae umbrella.

How is Spearmint Made?

The process of making spearmint is the same as the other herbs. It begins with plant cultivation and finishes with harvesting the leaves. For planting the plant, make sure to choose an accurate place. And once planted, take good care until the plant reaches to growth stage and gets ready to harvest. Then, start picking the leaves. Finally, the fresh spearmint leaves are ready for use. However, if you are looking for dry leaves. Then wash the leaves and put them under sunlight to dry well. Once dried, the leaves will become crusty. Now, store the dry leaves in any jar or container.

What Does Spearmint Taste Like?

Unlike most other herbs belonging to the same family, spearmint does not have a sharp taste. It is known for its delicate flavor. This herb has a sweet flavor and aroma.

How is Spearmint Used in Cooking?

You can use spearmint to add a little delicate taste to your dishes. While cooking, chop the fresh leaves and then add them to your recipe. With fresh leaves, we suggest using them at the end. But if you are using dry leaves, you can add them while cooking the dish and other ingredients and herbs.

What Types of Cuisines Use Spearmint?

Spearmint is used in both beverages and cooked items. Tea made of spearmint leaves is also very famous around. The fresh spearmint leaves are highly used in salads. In few regions, spearmint is used as a garnishing ingredient in pasta and pizza, etc.

What is a Spearmint Substitute?

If you are out of spearmint and your recipe requires this ingredient, don’t worry because you can easily substitute them with other ingredients. Some major substitutes for spearmint are fresh or dried mint, peppermint, and mint extract. So, you can use them to get the almost same flavor and aroma.

Where to Buy Spearmint?

Spearmint is easy to find, especially if you are looking for fresh leaves. Just visit any vegetable store near you and get the fresh spearmint leaves. However, if you are looking for dry spearmint, you have to search for it because you may not easily find it. But we have made your search easier. We have listed few best spearmint products for you. These are listed below.