Shawarma Vs. Kebab – What’s The Difference?

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Shawarma and kebab both belong to Turkish cuisine and are prepared from meat. The cooking method and ingredients make both of them different.

In the article below, we have mentioned the differences and basic information that you need to know.


You might have heard individuals utilize the word ‘kebab’ to allude to any dish that comprises little meat shapes cooked on sticks. Be that as it may, while this might take after valid kebabs, the last option has a rich history and numerous assortments relying upon the nation where it is cooked.

How kebab is made contrasts from one country to another. From ground meat to enormous pieces on huge sticks called shish, kebab has various arrangement techniques. With this being said, the overall thought behind the dish kebab is meat either cut into pieces or ground, cooked on bamboo or metal sticks.

Notwithstanding, it ought to be noticed that a few kebab assortments, like Shammi kebab and Galauti kebab, well known in India, are not cooked on sticks. For these assortments, beat meat is utilized. The meat is molded into round patties and seared.


Since kebab is a commonly known dish, numerous nations in the Middle East locale and the Muslim world interpret this dish. While numerous nations make kebabs with their turns, the origin of this dish is the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).

Along these lines, there are various kebab assortments in Turkish cooking. Here are probably the most well-known ones. Chicken Adana, this kebab assortment is made of minced chicken. The poultry is prepared with spices and flavors. It is cooked on metal sticks in a customary kebab shape.

Adana kebabs may likewise be made with minced hamburgers and sheep. Shish Kebab, likewise called Turkish sister kebab, is maybe the most notable kebab assortment, particularly for the people not from the Middle East nations.

This kebab type is what outsiders realize that kebab will generally be – blocks of meat on sticks. When utilized in North America, the word kebab is by, and large allude to shish kebab. Many types of meat can be utilized to make shish kebabs, like sheep, poultry, hamburger, and fish.

Doner kebab is another well-known kebab assortment. For this dish, the meat is cut daintily, stacked onto one another in a topsy turvy cone shape, and cooked on an upward rotisserie. The external layer of the sizzling meat is shaved off and served either in bread or on a plate with different vegetables, sauces, and bread.

The notable gyros are the Greek interpretation of a doner kebab. Mexican tacos al minister is likewise motivated by doner kebab. It began when Lebanese workers took the Middle Eastern food to Mexico.


Shawarma is a well-known dish in the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula nations. It is known for its special strategy for barbecuing the meat on a plateau on a rotisserie. Consequently, the name shawarma, which signifies ‘abandoning’ Turkish.

The cooking strategy of shawarma started in the Ottoman Empire (as of now Turkey), where the turning barbecuing technique was utilized to make doner kebab. In a word, shawarma is a kebab assortment that has advanced into a different dish and is broadly well known in numerous nations of the world.

So, What Is the Difference Between Shawarma and Kebab?

Concluding the article into key points:

1. Meat Varieties

Before all else, sheep or lamb was utilized to make shawarma. These days, in any case, as the prevalence of the dish has extended, shawarma is made with numerous other meat assortments, including hamburger, chicken, veal, and turkey.

For kebabs, the conventional meat assortments are likewise sheep or sheep. However, as numerous nations have fostered their kebab assortments, the dish is made with various meat types. You might run over various kebab plans that utilization meat, chicken, goat, pork, and even fish and shrimp.

2. Meat Preparations

Regarding the planning of the meat, shawarma has just a single method of getting it done. Layers of slender meat are marinated and prepared ahead of time. These layers are then put on the pole that will turn and equally cook them externally.

As it is hard to think of uniformly molded layers of meat, individuals collecting the shawarma meat cone ought to get it done decently. This guarantees that the meat is cooked uniformly from all sides of the cone.

The layers of shawarma are ordinarily collected to shape a modified cone. Nonetheless, an even barrel-like shape likewise works. There are different methods of setting up the meat for kebabs, relying upon the particular assortment being cooked.

3. Cooking Methods

There is one cooking technique for conventional shawarma. Meat layers stacked on a rotisserie are gradually barbecued while the bar turns. When the external layer is well cooked, it is shaved off to plan shawarma sandwiches.

Kebabs on metal sticks might be cooked over a fire. Kebab may likewise be cooked in the broiler or sang in a container. The last option is appropriate for kebab assortments where the meat is cooked without sticks as a patty.

4. Serving

There are numerous methods of serving shawarma. The meat might be served on an enormous plate alongside toppings, vegetables, and bread going with it. Nonetheless, shawarma is a road food, and many individuals lean toward it to help eat in a hurry. Along these lines, sizzling shaved meat may likewise be filled in as a sandwich in pita bread.

The most famous method of serving shawarma is enclosing the meat with flatbread. Kebabs are often served on a plate, particularly when the meat is cooked on little bamboo sticks. Kebabs may likewise be enclosed by various types of bread and be filled in as a sandwich or as a wrap.

5. Garnishes

You won’t ever eat plain shawarma or plain kebab, with practically no toppings and sauces. Shawarma, regardless of whether it is on a plate or filled in as a wrap, regularly accompanies such new vegetables as tomatoes and cucumbers, cured vegetables, lettuce, and so forth.

A famous sauce presented with shawarma in Middle East nations is tahini. Kebab is presented with new vegetables, like destroyed cabbage and diced tomatoes. Toppings going with kebab are tzatziki sauce, yogurt with flavors, mint and spices chutney, and so on.

French fries and onions are normal fixings with the meat in the two dishes. In drive-thru eateries all over the planet, ketchup and mayonnaise are two of the most fundamental normal garnishes utilized in shawarma and kebab wraps.