Saffron Everything You Need To Know

Saffron: Everything You Need To Know

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Saffron is one of the most expensive and legendary spices. Everyone around the world widely praises this spice due to its exceptional properties. Saffron has been derived from the Crocus Sativus flower. This flower is also referred to as the saffron crocs because of the saffron spice. This spice is also called Kesar in the Hindi language.

Saffron has been used for different purposes since ancient times. It is one of 14 great herbs that were mentioned in the Bible. That’s why saffron also has religious implications for many people. Besides, it is also a miraculous spice in medical terminology because it can treat many illnesses and pain. However, due to its expensive price, this spice is mostly used by the world’s elite class. The cultivation of this spice began in Greece, and today it is used and produced in almost all parts of the world, including Italy, Morocco, India, Iran, Spain, and Greece.

What does Saffron Look Like?

Saffron is a little different from the other herbs and spices. It has a unique style and structure; this spice comes in tiny threads with vivid crimson structures. This spice has a very eye-catching color which is considered another reason behind its fame around the globe. It has a bright red color. But when you mix it with water, the color converts to yellowish-orange color. Moreover, the plant itself has beautiful flowers that have purple colors. The Saffron plant also has 5 to 11 white leaves, which are called the cataphylls.

Where does Saffron Come From?

Humans have used saffron since ancient times. It was first cultivated in Greece. And eventually, its production expanded as people became more familiar with this spice. Now it is produced in different countries and regions. Few countries famous for the production of this spice are Iran, Italy, India, Spain, and Morocco. Iran is considered the top producer of saffron. Saffron produced by Iran has both high quality and quantity. While botanically, saffron comes from the crocus sativus, which is a very attractive plant.

How is Saffron Made?

Once the saffron plant reaches the growth stage, the flowers should be harvested. Then, you must pluck its stigmas. Afterward, leave the stigmas in a suitable place for around 12 hours and let them dry well. Once dried, you can transfer them into any jar and use them when needed. For a single kg of saffron, you have to pluck stigmas of around 15000 to 16000 flowers. That’s why it is so expensive.

What Does Saffron Taste Like?

The flavor of Saffron is a little tricky. It is completely different from other spices like turmeric. This spice is one of the most fragrant and highly subtle spices. It has a very sweet and completely enigmatic taste. But when you add it to the dish, the taste becomes easily recognizable.

How is Saffron Used in Cooking?

Cooking with saffron is easy. First, you should grind around 2 tablespoons of saffron threads using any spice grinder. You can also add a little sugar or salt while grinding it. Then, add warm water to the ground threads and give them enough time to cook down. Finally, your saffron is ready for use. Now you can add it to any dish you want.

What Types of Cuisines Use Saffron?

Saffron is used in a wide range of cuisines. Buttery saffron rice, paella, and desserts are a few of the most famous cuisines that include saffron. Some other afro cuisines are saffron tea cake, saffron salmon, saffron rose water brittle, and more. Besides, in some regions, people also use this spice for making tea and other drinks.

What is a Saffron Substitute?

Saffron has a unique taste. Therefore, it is hard to find a good substitute for this spice, especially when you want to substitute its taste. However, you can substitute saffron with ground turmeric powder, safflower, and annatto. These ingredients make a good substitute for saffron. So, if you can’t afford this spice, you can move to a cheaper option.

Where to Buy Saffron?

Saffron is pretty expensive. You cannot buy kgs of this spice unless you have good money. But if you are thinking of buying some, then we have few good products for you. So we are suggesting some best saffron brands that guarantee high quality.  These products are stated in the following list.