Rue Everything You Need To Know

Rue: Everything You Need To Know

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Rue which is also commonly known as the Ruta Graveolens, is a common herb. The plant of this herb is grown as an ornamental plant. Rue is considered the native plant of the Balkan Peninsula and the Canary Islands. However, this herb is famous all over the world. It is largely grown in both home gardens and farms, etc. The rue plant is a genus of around 40 different species, all belonging to the Rutaceae family of plants.

This herb has small shrubs along with an excellent odor. Rue has been used for different purposes since ancient times. Since ancient times, it has been part of medical treatment in different regions because of its exceptional traits and health benefits. People collect fresh rue shoots and then use them to treat and cure very illnesses.  Besides, Rue’s major uses also include its culinary uses. In this article, our prime focus will be on the culinary uses of this herb.

What does Rue Look Like?

The Rue plant has feathery leaves. The leaves are pinnately compound. Each leaf is equipped with either two or three tiny leaflets. The leaflets come in two different colors. So, don’t be surprised if you find another color. These colors are blue-green and gray-green. Besides, the plant also produces flowers. The flowers are yellow. The flowers add more to the beauty of the plant and make it very eye-catching and adorable. Moreover, the flowers are born in various clusters, which produce numerous seeds and lobed capsules.

Where does Rue Come From?

Roe’s existence is as old as the Bible. This herb was also mentioned in the book by another name, i.e., peganon. However, where exactly this herb comes from is still unknown. Roe is sometimes called the forgotten herb because its use has been reduced greatly in the modern world. In the older days, this herb had high importance. It was used for a wide variety of ingredients and various reasons. Romans and Greeks also used this herb for culinary and medicinal reasons like parsley, basil, and other herbs. Most referred to it as the chief ingredient in the recipes. But today, it is not used as much as in ancient times.

How is Rue Made?

For making rue, you must search for suitable soil first. The plant has excellent growth in well-drained soils. The location must be under direct sunlight. Moreover, roe has high resistance against drought. So, you don’t need to water it much. Once the plant reaches its maturity stage and gets ready for harvesting, you can begin picking the leaves. Then, follow the same steps you follow for mint, etc.

What Does Rue Taste Like?

Rue gives a unique combination of sweet and bitter flavors. You will also feel a little citrusy flavor sometimes. The leaves also give a little numbing effect to the tongue when touched. Moreover, along with pungent taste, this herb also has a very strong aroma that complements well with the sharp taste of rue.

How is Rue Used in Cooking?

Today’s cooking techniques hardly use rue in the recipes. But you can add it to your recipe with other ingredients that may include herbs and spices like salt and pepper, celery, and more. But for this, it is better to use the dry form of this herb. Moreover, you can also add the fresh rue leaves at the end or just use them to garnish your recipes and add a little flavor and aroma.

What Types of Cuisines Use Rue?

Roe is mostly used in Italian cuisines. Besides, it is also used in beverages, vinegar, sauces, and other items. If you are looking for a bittersweet taste, you can also add rue to your vegetables, meat, and other culinary recipes. Besides, tea made of dry rue leaves is also famous, and many people still use this ingredient in tea.

What is a Rue Substitute?

If you are looking for a good rue substitute, then it is hard to find. That’s because of its lower usage around the world. But you can replace it with any spice and herb with a bittersweet taste.

Where to Buy Rue?

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