Parsley Everything You Need To Know

Parsley: Everything You Need To Know

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The parsley, which is also known as the Garden parsley, is a herb. The herb comes from the flowering plant that belongs to the Apiaceae family of plants. Parsley has a long history of culinary and medical usage. In addition, it has been used by humans for thousands of years. Parsley is the native plant of the eastern and central regions of the Mediterranean. The prominent countries in the list are Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Malta, Spain, Algeria, Morocco, etc. In the modern world, this plant is also cultivated in various countries across Europe.

In ancient times, parsley was used by Greeks and Romans in death ceremonies. They used it to mask the scent in their ceremonies. But it has also been part of Middle Eastern and European culture since ancient times. Parsley is also referred to as Petroselinum Crispum in Latin. And its Latin name is derived from the Greek word Petro that translates to stone due to its growth history.

What does Parsley Look Like?

Parsley has a bright green color. Its leaves have a shape that resembles a feather. This spice belongs to the same family as dill. The parsley plant has a length of around 10 cm to 25 cm. it is filled with numerous leaflets. While the plant stands on a single taproot.

Moreover, the plant also produced flowers that come from stems. The color of flowers normally falls between yellowish-green to completely yellow colors. The stems also have umbels and sparser leaves. While the flowers on the plant make it more attractive.

Where does Parsley Come From?

Parsley is the native herb of western Asia and southern Europe. It belongs to the Mediterranean region, which is also discussed above. The Greeks used this herb. Ancient Greeks believed that parsley came from the Archemorus’ bloodshed after his death by the serpents. They considered this plant sacred, and they did not use it for culinary purposes. They mainly used parsley for religious purposes. This herb has a cultivation history that is older than 2000 years. Before being used for culinary purposes, parsley was used as medicine for various illnesses and aches.

How is Parsley Made?

For making parsley, you have to follow the same rules as the other plants. Firstly, begin the process by planting the seed. However, make sure to use a good location for it. You can grow it both inside and outside your home. Once the plant reaches its mature stage, you can begin plucking the leaves. The leaves are attached to small stems. While harvesting, pluck the whole tiny stems. Then you can pick the leaves, and the fresh parsley is ready for use. But you can also dry it and use the dry and crushed form in your cuisines.

What Does Parsley Taste Like?

Both the dry and fresh parsley leaves have the same taste. It has a very bright, a little bitter, and herbaceous taste. It works as the lemon zest in dishes as it also emphasizes other flavors in the recipe. The vegetal flavor of this herb makes it perfect for different types of cuisines.

How is Parsley Used in Cooking?

While cooking, parsley can be used in different methods. Most people just use it as a garnishing ingredient in their dishes. While you can also add it with other ingredients like garlic, olive oil, and red wine vinegar for better taste. You can use dried parsley with other ingredients while cooking the food.

What Types of Cuisines Use Parsley?

Parsley can be used with almost all types of cuisines. It is widely used in South American and French cuisines. It can be used with stews, soups, sauces, braises, condiment chimichurri, pizza, pasta, spaghetti, and other dishes. In addition, fresh parsley leaves are used in salads for better taste and aroma.

What is a Parsley Substitute?

Parsley has numerous substitutes. The list includes chives, tarragon, basil, oregano, arugula, cilantro, endive, carrot greens, and celery leaves. You can use any of these ingredients to substitute parsley. So, use them instead next time if you don’t find parsley. These substitutes will give you the same taste as parsley.

Where to Buy Parsley?

Parsley is a common herb. The fresh form of this herb is available in almost every vegetable store. So, you won’t face any trouble while finding it. However, if you are looking for a dry form of this herb, then you should take some time to find higher quality. But we have done the work for you. We have listed few best products below.