Paley Hollywood

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Paley Hollywood was a true Hollywood dining destination. It was originally meant to bring back the glamour and sophistication of old Hollywood. The classic spots of LA served as the inspiration for the ambiance and the name of the restaurant came to be based on the innovation and vision of Columbia Broadcasting System CEO William S. Paley.

How It All Started

Paley appeared on the scene in 2016 and quickly made a name for itself as an eatery that offers delectable dishes and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. While most of the food was American, they also offered a diverse range of fusion and Japanese-inspired dishes. The prices ranged from $30 to $70 which made it affordable for people from all walks of life.

Paley was owned and operated by Plan Do See which is a worldwide hospitality group. The head chef, Greg Bernhardt, is well known in the industry as being a firm supporter of creating elaborate dishes directly from the farm to the plate. The result is flavorful meals rich in an aroma that benefits both the diner and the local producer.

An Old Hollywood Delight Full of Flavor

Paley was located on Sunset Boulevard near the NeueHouse in the historic Columbia Square. It offered seating for 150 people and served meals from brunch through dinner. The menu in itself was a wonder to behold and under the domain of the famed chef Greg Bernhardt. California cuisine at its finest was on offer such as parsnip soup with watercress, pickled mushrooms, and brioche croutons or the seasonal grilled duck breast that was tender as it was flavorful.

The design of the interior was done by Masa Miyama in conjunction with the local design firm Bishop Pass. The building itself held a rich history which helped to lend to the innate atmosphere of old Hollywood glamour. Customers would be immersed in an ambiance of contemporary charm mixed with an upscale flair.

L.A. is innately multicultural and Paley played up those angles with elegant seating, bar and lounge dining, and even chefs view tables for those who enjoyed the culinary showmanship. From al fresco dining to the afternoon cocktail, parlay was the spot in Hollywood for those looking to gaze upon the in-crowd or those looking for an elegant night on the town.

Chef Greg was very much into the taste of coal and smoke which added flavor and depth to everything on the menu. Smoked liver pate, coal-smoked amberjack, grilled duck breast, coal-roasted A5 wagyu beef, and wood-roasted chicken are just a few of the signature smoked-filled items offered by the renowned chef.

Not everything on the menu was smoked, however, you could easily order a more refined meal with Japanese influence or take a swing by the raw bar for a bite of the freshest seafood the West Coast had to offer. From exotic fish to canoe-harvested wild rice, something for just about every taste could be found on the menu.

Paley Hollywood Closed Permanently

Paley was an upscale eatery that served a diverse crowd, but like most things in Hollywood, it depended on an active crowd for its success. Like most niche restaurants and artisan spots, the pandemic hit hard which eventually forced its closure. With most of the ingredients used in the unique dishes coming from local sources and the mandatory closures making in-person dining obsolete, the well-loved venture sadly had to shut its doors for good.