Miyabi Knives Vs. Shun Knives – What’s The Difference?

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Having the right kind of Knife in your kitchen is essential for every home chef. The right kind of knives can save you from a lot of pain, hassle, and badly-cut fruits and veggies. The most popular and often suggested type of knives are Japanese knives.

Japanese knives combine cutting-edge technology (no pun intended) with traditional knowledge about sword forging to make high-end knives that are guaranteed to deliver quality and reliability. If you’ve never used a Japanese knife before, then you are missing out. It’s like eating salted chips your whole life and then eating Doritos for the first time.

Japanese knives might be a little expensive than other knives, but they are more durable, sharper, and lightweight. Two popular types of Japanese knives are Miyabi Knives and Shun Knives. With all the information about Japanese Knives, it can be hard to choose between the two types of Japanese knives.

In this article, we will lay out all the factors, compare them, and clarify which company produces the Knives best suited for your needs. So, keep reading to find the difference between Miyabi Knives and Shun Knives.


Shun Knife is a Japanese brand that falls under Williams Sonoma Umbrella, which has been around for a while now and has delivered quality products for around 50 years. Their products are reliable, and most people consider it a trustable brand. This brand’s main focus is on producing high-quality, sleek, and elegant knives that anyone can buy.

When you buy a shun knife, you are guaranteed to have a futuristic, innovative, and professional blade in your hand that will deliver high-quality cuts to your food. Some of the Shun knives are popular among their line of products. So, let’s take a look at some of them.

Shun Sora Paring Knife

This Knife from Shun has a comparatively smaller blade at 3.5 inches. The finish is sleek and metallic, making the blade stand out and shine. The blade doesn’t have a hammered finish, making it different from other knives from shun. The VG10 cutting core is used, which is finely coated with a layer of stainless steel to prevent it from getting rusted.

The stainless steel coating makes the blade stain-resistant and easy to clean; the blade also has a san mai edge. Combine this with a mirror-polished finish, and you will have an elegant-looking knife that cuts at a 16-degree angle. To make it more professional, shun uses solid grips on the handles that are light to maintain the balance and weight of the Knife.

The Classic Shun Nakiri Knife

This Nakiri Knife from shun comes in a unique shape that makes it stand out from the other knives on the market. Most brands focus too much on the Knife’s appearance while ignoring the blade’s balance, weight, and cutting abilities. But The Classic Shun Knife has a great score in all of these fields. It also has a classic and traditional shape, making it even more appealing.

This Knife incorporates a swirl design with double-blevel high-quality steel. The blade is sharpened by hand, making the Knife a little sharper. You won’t find the traditional hammered finish on this one, as Shun uses a swirl design that makes the blade more precise. But it has one con, though; If you use the Knife in the wrong way or motion, the front end may become considerably dull.


Miyabi comes from the brand Zwilling. It is a very old brand established in 1731, but they have maintained themselves in a way that makes them a leading brand in the 21st century with all of its innovations. Additionally, they have hundreds of years of experience on their hands which means that they know what they’re doing and make one of the most reliable knives on the market.

Miyabi is considered a German brand that produces handmade blades using Japanese steel. All the Knives produced by Miyabi are quite durable and have a good final finish. They always put quality first when making each blade with hand. It is a family-owned business, but they have their factories. To get to know them better, let’s look at their best knives.

The SG2 Paring

Also known as the Mizu paring knife, the SG2 comes with a long handle that helps you get a better grip while cutting your food. It has a sleek, stylish, and beautiful design, making the Knife settle in well with most modern kitchens. This blade is made with Japanese steel known for its strength, durability, and toughness.

Unlike the other knives on this list, this Knife is made with a hammered blade and features a Damascus blade. This blade gives it a stylish look and a satisfying texture. The blade cuts at a nine to twelve-degree angle, and its handle has an innovative mosaic accent.

Miyabi Chef knife

There are many different types of Chef’s knives at Miyabi, but this one is the top-of-the-line version. You get to choose between an eight-inch or six-inch version, both of which are reliable and have a sleek finish. This blade is also made with Japanese steel by keeping traditional Japanese-style knives’ shape, size, and style.

The Knife is made in a way that increases its balance and precision. The handle has is slightly curved, which makes holding the Knife more comfortable and easier to use.

So What’s the Difference Between Miyabi Knives and Shun Knives?

Miyabi Knives are usually more reliable and consistent in providing quality results than Shun knives. Most of the Miyabi Blades have a short Warranty, while there is no warranty given on Shun Knives. Shun Paring Knife is below in quality when compared with Miyabi Paring Knife.

This difference in quality is basically because of the superior handle on Miyabi Knives. One main difference between Miyabi knives and Shun Knives is between their prices. Miyabi is usually more expensive than Shun.