Lemon Verbena Everything You Need To Know

Lemon Verbena: Everything You Need To Know

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Green leaves and beautiful flowers, that are some of the most attractive things about the Lemon Verbena. If you are fond of plants, you have most probably heard of them. Also known as the Aloysia Citrodora, the Lemon Verbena is a flowering plant. It belongs to the Verbenaceae family of plants. This plant is South Africa’s native plant. And you will widely find it there.

However, the Lemon Verbena is also found in few other regions like Europe. In Europe, this plant was brought by the Portuguese and Spanish people. The first plant of Lemon Verbena in Europe was cultivated around the 17th century. People of those regions mainly used it for its exceptional oil, unaware of its use for culinary purposes. But with time, they got aware of its health benefits and culinary uses too. So, today, the Lemon Verbena is used for different purposes around the globe.

What does Lemon Verbena Look Like?

Lemon Verbena has a very beautiful appearance. Bright green leaves surround its plant. And with time, the plant also grows flowers with tiny petals. The flowers normally have either purple or white color. However, in some areas, the Lemon Verbena might have a little different look. That’s because of the difference in the type of soil, climate, and way of cultivation. So, if you find a Lemon Verbena plant without any flowers, don’t be surprised because it is also one of the types of this plant.

Where does Lemon Verbena Come From?

The Lemon Verbena comes from the Verbena plant, which belongs to the Verbenaceae family, as stated above. It is a perennial shrub. It also contains plenty of subshrubs. Each plant grows around the height of 2 meters to 3 meters. Green leaves surround the plant. The leaves normally grow the size of 8 cm. However, the size may vary. Its leaves are glossy and have a pointed structure. If you touch the leaves, they are a little rough. The plant begins showing white and purple flowers at the end of spring or sometimes early summer. This evergreen plant is normally grown in tropical regions.

How is Lemon Verbena Made?

Lemon Verbena is easy to grow and care like mint. However, we suggest you start with a smaller plant. It grows better under direct sunlight. So, choose the place accordingly. Its roots will rot in overly wet soils. Make sure to take proper care of this plant. Otherwise, it will start dropping leaves. Once the plant grows and gets ready to harvest, you can begin to pluck the flowers. You can use them fresh or dry them at your convenience.

What Does Lemon Verbena Taste Like?

The Lemon Verbena has a very bright, herbaceous, and a little sweet taste. It also gives a slight flavor of lemon; that’s why it is called Lemon Verbena. Besides, this plant also has a great scent. Its scent also resembles the scent of lemon. But its flavor is less lemony than lemongrass, lemon balm, lemon mint, and lemon thyme.

How is Lemon Verbena Used in Cooking?

Lemon Verbena can be used for cooking like other ordinary herbs. You can add this herb as per your choice in the recipe. However, we recommend you to use the fresh leaves at the end as they can lose their taste if cooked very much.

What Types of Cuisines Use Lemon Verbena?

There is a wide range of cuisines that use Lemon Verbena. The list includes soups, vegetables, seafood, meat, salads, salsa verde, and even sweets and desserts. Besides, it is also famous for tea. In most of the European countries, the incredible Lemon Verbena tea called Louisa is also famous.

What is a Lemon Verbena Substitute?

If you are looking for the best Lemon Verbena substitute, then you must use lemongrass. Both of these herbs have almost the same scent and flavor. So, both make good substitutes for each other.

Where to Buy Lemon Verbena?

If you are looking for some good and high-quality Lemon Verbena, don’t worry because we have some good suggestions. In the following list, we have stated a few best Lemon Verbena. So, next time you go for groceries, you know what you are looking for. Plus, you can also order them online and get them on your doorsteps.