Jackfruit vs. Breadfruit – What’s The Difference?

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As imports of unique fruits and vegetables are becoming common, we are getting familiar with various foods that we have not seen or tasted before. If you have encountered an exceptionally large fruit, chances are it is either a jackfruit or breadfruit. Though they may look the same, they are apart and have different tastes.

So, the question arises what the difference between a jackfruit and breadfruit is? The primary difference is their flavor. Jackfruit may look similar to breadfruit by its exterior appearance, but it is different interiorly.

They are also eaten differently depending on the person’s preference. Breadfruit is comparatively smaller in size and has a starchy cream appearance similar to a potato. On the other hand, jackfruit consists of several yellow bulbs that are eatable.

Typically, the jackfruit that is sold is immature and green. It has little flavor but works best as a saucy meat substitute. Breadfruit, as the name suggests, tastes more like bread. There are many other similarities and differences covered in this article, so keep reading.


Jackfruit is an exceptionally large tropical fruit often found growing in warm places such as Brazil, Australia, Caribbean and India. The size of this fruit is pretty impressive and ranges from 50 to about 100 pounds. The fruit is roughly a rectangular shape but has inconsistent curves.

It has curvy spikes in its appearance around the whole fruit. Jackfruits are often green, but they turn brown as they mature. It takes roughly three years for this fruit to become fully mature and harvested.

The flavor of this fruit depends on its maturity and age. Immature jackfruits have a mild flavor and, to some extent, are sweet. Unripe fruit, typically cooked and tastes like tofu will infuse with seasonings or toppings. This is why it is used as a vegetable or a meat alternative.

As it matures, it becomes sweeter and is usually eaten raw. It is often associated with the flavor of pineapple and banana. Jackfruits are usually purchased canned and are available in most grocery stores in America.

Fully mature jackfruit can be eaten raw as well as cooked. Jackfruits seeds, though can be eaten but should be cooked. They are usually eaten roasted, salted and boiled. Jackfruit flesh is made into small bits and slowly cooked with sauce which works as a meat alternative.

It can be fried, served with vegetables or added to other recipes. Moreover, jackfruit has a long life and can last up to 100 years. It is also known to be one of the biggest fruits in the world. Jackfruit is widely known for its health benefits and nutritional value.

Nutritional Facts

A one cup serving of jackfruit includes:

  • Total calories are 57
  • Protein is 2.6 g
  • Fat is 1.06 g
  • Carbohydrates are 38.36 g
  • Dietary fiber is 2.5 g
  • Sugars is 31.48 g
  • Magnesium is 48 mg
  • Potassium is 739 mg
  • Vitamin C is 22.6 mg

Health Benefits

Jackfruit contains diverse vitamins like vitamin A, C, thiamin, niacin and riboflavin. It comes in a few fruits’ rich in B vitamins, especially B6. It is known for its phytonutrients properties like jackfruit being anti-cancer, anti-ulcer and anti-inflammation.

It greatly aids in losing weight as jackfruit is low in calories but highly nutritious. Jackfruit also has high amounts of potassium which aids in lowering blood pressure and aiding in maintaining it. It is also rich in fiber and greatly improves digestion and digestive health.

Jackfruit can safely be consumed by diabetic patients as sugar is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. Folks can enjoy the sweet flavor while also getting all the essential nutrients. Jackfruit’s rich in vitamin A helps maintain healthy eyesight and improve eye vision.

Bread Fruit

Breadfruit belongs from the mulberry family, same as that of jackfruit. They have similar appearances, but breadfruit is relatively smaller. The average breadfruit which is near harvesting weighs around ten pounds. It is similar to the size of an exceptionally large grapefruit.

Breadfruit trees are usually found growing in tropical locations. It is often found in Hawaii, Florida, West Indies and Jamaica. With nominal care and attention, breadfruit trees produce up to 200 fruits every season.

Like jackfruit, it can be eaten both immature and ripe; however, unripe fruits are cooked before eating. Mature and ripe fruits are available to be eaten in raw form. As the name suggests, breadfruit tastes much like fresh bread and becomes sweeter as it gets close to harvesting.

Bread fruits have a starchy texture similar to that of a potato. Breadfruit is peeled without any effort and has a juicy layer base. It is known to have a buttery texture yet a sweet and juicy flavor.

Nutritional Facts

A one cup serving of breadfruit includes:

  • Total calories are 227
  • Protein is 2 g
  • Fat is 0.5 g
  • Carbs are 60 g
  • Fiber is 11 g
  • Calcium is 37 mg
  • Iron is 1 mg
  • Potassium is 1080 mg

Health Benefits

Breadfruit is loaded with nutrients that aid in fighting infections lowering blood pressure maintaining youthful skin, and aiding in hair health. The rate of glucose absorption in the bloodstream is less as breadfruit is high in fibers, thus great for diabetic people.

Breadfruit is an ideal fruit for people on a weight loss program or concerned with their diet. It has few calories yet is loaded with different nutrients and fiber. Breadfruit is also known to be an anti-oxidant, thus helping in boosting the immune system.

Having breadfruit juice every day helps your skin have a youthful appearance. It is also rich in vitamin C, which helps prevent skin inflammation. Moreover, breadfruit is also known to treat kidney damage, lower uric acid and maintain blood sugar levels.

So, What Is the Difference Between Breadfruit and Jackfruit?

Concluding the above-mentioned article:

  1. Jackfruit is bigger and has a strong smell, while breadfruit is smaller and doesn’t smell.
  2. Jackfruit has curvy spikes around it, while breadfruit is plain from its appearance.
  3. Breadfruit has a starchy cream appearance similar to that of a potato. On the other hand, jackfruit consists of several yellow bulbs that are eatable.
  4. Typically, the jackfruit that is sold is immature and green. It has little flavor but works best as a saucy meat substitute. Breadfruit, as the name suggests, tastes more like bread.