How to Soak Wild Rice

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Wild rice belongs to the same genus Zizania family. The main difference between wild rice and the rest of the rice is the nutrient concentration. These long grains have the most anti-oxidants compared to other rice, making them one of the healthiest choices.

The second thing that differentiates wild rice from the rest of the processed rice is its unique taste. Wild rice has a slightly plant-type taste, especially if you are using the black/green variation of this rice. Its health-related benefits include heart benefits, weight regulation and better cholesterol control.

And like we said, its taste is top-quality, so you can use it to make various dishes. The first and one of the healthiest dish that you can make with wild rice is Kimbap. You can also use wild rice to make some tasty La Bandera Dominicana.

Why Should You Soak Wild Rice?

Compared to some other rice, wild rice is a more tolerable and healthier choice for your tummy. The only drawback or negative thing about wild rice is the extremely long cooking time. If you don’t soak your wild rice and jump directly to the cooking process, you will most likely end up with semi-cooked rice.

Naturally, undercooked rice is harder to digest because there is a certain level of Phytic acid in it. You can reduce that phytic acid by soaking wild rice, thereby making it more digestible.

Soaking wild rice also makes it easier to cook by reducing its cooking time. Normally, you’d have to spend hours cooking; now, you can get the same bowl of wild rice in a few hours. However, it should be noted here that, unlike other rice, wild rice can be consumed directly after soaking too.

How to Soak Wild Rice

Wild rice can be soaked in the same way as any other grain or seed. The only thing that you will need to soak wild rice is water, a bowl, and a few cups of rice. Some people put a bit of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to speed up the soaking process for wild rice.

Soaking Wild Rice in Water

Water is the main soaking material used for variations of rice. The main reason for that is its hydrating effect and its availability. Also, soaking rice in water is way easier and less attention requiring, so everyone prefers it over other soaking mediums.

You start by washing your rice and submerging them under two to three inches of water. The goal is to let your wild rice reach the right consistency so that they become easier to digest and cook. The aftermath of the soak is even easier.

You start by draining the water and then putting the soaked wild rice in whatever dish you want to make. Some people eat their wild rice right away without even cooking them. 

How Long To Soak Wild Rice

Wild rice is a whole grain, and therefore it needs a bit more time to soak when compared to the other polished and refined rice types. Most chefs and cooks believe that wild rice should be soaked for at least 4 hours to get the best nutritional value.

You may soak it for an even longer time, such as an overnight soak. The more your rice is soaked, the easier it will be to cook, so you should keep that in mind.

Can You Soak Wild Rice Overnight?

Wild rice is whole grain rice, and therefore it takes a long time to cook. It is one of the main reasons why we always recommend soaking them. If you don’t soak wild rice, it will be harder to cook and harder to digest.

Nevertheless, some people eat it without soaking it, so you don’t necessarily have to soak your wild rice if you don’t want to. You don’t have to soak it for that long, but we recommend soaking it.

How to Soak Wild Rice Fast

Like the rest of the rice family, it does not require a quick soak because wild rice soaks quickly on its own. There is no merit in looking for a different, faster method when the one present is already fast enough. Also, with unpolished and whole-grain rice like wild rice, quick soaks are ineffective and only lead to nutritional loss.

However, if you want to reduce the time it takes to cook wild rice, then you can do that in other areas. One example is the cooking process, where you can reduce cooking time by using more efficient cookers. The best cookers are Aroma Housewares Stainless Rice Cookers and the Panasonic Rice Cookers.