How to Soak Strawberries in Vinegar

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Strawberries are small cherubic berries with a lot of flavors. One bite into a grainy strawberry will give you enough citrusy sweetness to last a day. These small berries are loaded with antioxidants, making them some of the best rejuvenating fruits.

You can combine them with other berries and make a berry salad. You can combine it with some ice cream and get a cold treat unlike any that you have had before!

Why Should You Soak Strawberries in Vinegar?

Strawberries in vinegar may sound like a weird combo, but we can give you at least two conclusive reasons to justify soaking your strawberries in apple cider vinegar. The first thing that we would like to point out is how many strawberries have pores and seeds in their skin that sprout when exposed to the world.

To eliminate these spores and sprouts, you soak your strawberries in a slightly acidic medium. The best acidic medium that we know of is vinegar, which disinfects your strawberries as well. By killing all germs and pores, you allow them to remain fresh for longer.

You shouldn’t be worried about the taste of strawberries as long as you don’t soak them for too long. Once soaked, you can combine these strawberries with other fruits and desserts to get the best taste value out of your meal.

How to Soak Strawberries in Vinegar

To soak strawberries in vinegar, you need a few basic things and information about soaking fruit in various mediums. The first thing that you will need is some vinegar and a large stockpot. You can get an 8-quart stockpot, 16-quart stockpot or 20-quart stockpot.

After that, you will need to get some fresh or frozen fruit from your local supermarket. Once you have acquired all of that, start with the soaking process. First, you will have to rinse or wash the strawberries so that there aren’t any preservatives or chemicals left on their surface.

After you get rid of the chemicals, put your vinegar and strawberries in the pot and wait for them to soak. You should keep checking for their consistency by probing them with a stick or a fork. Once done, you should remove them from the vinegar and wash them if possible before using them in your dish.

Soaking Strawberries in Vinegar

So, we understand why soaking strawberries in vinegar is important and the basic things you will need. Now we must address the method of soaking strawberries in vinegar. You shouldn’t use only vinegar to soak your strawberries because it will ruin the taste of your strawberries.

You will have to take eight parts of water and two parts vinegar in a bowl. Add the strawberries and let them sit for the required amount of time. By the end of it all, you should have perfectly soaked strawberries free from grit and dirt.

How Long To Soak Strawberries in Vinegar

Strawberries in vinegar shouldn’t be soaked for more than 30 minutes under standard conditions. Half an hour is more than enough to purge all of the impurities from your strawberries. Any further soaking only works against the taste of the strawberries, making them bitter and slightly slimy.

The good thing is that once you give your strawberries this vinegar bath, there will be almost no bacteria or spores active. So, you can use them or store them for later use.

Can You Soak Strawberries in Vinegar Overnight?

No, you shouldn’t soak your strawberries in vinegar overnight. As stated above, long soaks in vinegar will only ruin the flavor of your strawberries and make them harder to cook. Some strawberries even lose shape and become too mushy if soaked for an extended period in vinegar.

Once soaked, these strawberries can be stored for later use. So, if you want to add fresh strawberries to your morning diet, then store them in a refrigerator after soaking them in the vinegar. Strawberries soaked in vinegar can be stored for up to 2 weeks.

How to Soak Strawberries in Vinegar Fast

There is no quick method to soak strawberries because even if there were a quick soak method, it would be ineffective. You can heat the vinegar or the strawberries; you can’t add any sort of salt to strawberries either.

If you want to quicken the soaking process, then wash them thoroughly beforehand and try to use fresh strawberries. If you want to skip the soaking process altogether, then get some Wyman’s of Maine Mango Berry or Wyman’s of Maine Banana Berry. Both of these have a blend of berries and tasty fruits that can give you a gigantic dose of antioxidants.