How to Soak Steel Cut Oats

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You probably wonder why steel cut oats have such a weird metallic name. Why would someone look at oats and go, “I am going to name them Steel Cut Oats”? The name for steel cut oats is derived from the way they are cut.

Steel cut oats are whole oats that have been cut precisely into smaller pieces, normally three pieces. The sharpness of the cuts is why there are named steel cut oats. The nutritional information and composition of steel cut oats are similar to normal oats, so you won’t have to worry about much.

Steel cut oats are like normal oats but way richer in vitamins and proteins, which promote better dietary and health overall. The best thing about steel cut oats is that they can be consumed uncooked once soaked without any problems.

Why Should You Soak Steel Cut Oats?

Steel cut oats, like normal oats, have a high phytic acid content. We have a simple explanation for anyone who doesn’t know what phytic acid is. Most grains, legumes, and other ground greens contain phytic acid.

Why is phytic acid so harmful to your health? Phytic acid is an indigestible compound that frequently causes gas and bloating after consumption. Phytic acid also reduces the nutritional value of steel cut oats by making some nutrients more difficult to absorb.

Soaking your steel cut oats reduces the amount of phytic acid in them. Another advantage of soaking steel cut oats is that they become easier to cook. Steel cut oats are also quite hard to digest, so you will have to soak them, which makes them softer and more nutritious.

How to Soak Steel Cut Oats

Since phytic acid has a high pH, you will have to use some pro-biotic liquid to soak your steel cut oats. It would be best to use some milk or kefir, both of which work positively and break down the phytic acid considerably.

You can soak your steel cut oats quite easily with milk, but if you don’t want to alter the taste, use water. You will soon learn why we recommend using water instead of other soaking liquids if you don’t want to change their taste. 

Soaking Steel Cut Oats in Water

The best medium to soak your steel cut oats in is water. We always recommend water because it hydrates the steel cut oats without changing their taste. You will have to soak the steel cut oats in water by submerging them.

That’s the easiest method to soak them. You can use milk if you want to soak them quickly and compromise the taste a bit. Once your oats are soaked, remove them from the medium and put them in whatever you want to make with them.

How Long To Soak Steel Cut Oats

The length of the soaking period for steel cut oats is something that impatient people shouldn’t approach. You have to soak it for at least 10 hours or more. Long soaks are recommended because they improve the texture and flavour of your steel cut oats.

If you’re pressed for time, soaking them in heated water, preferably simmering them, should make them softer. If you’re going to eat a bowl of steel cut oats, pick up some Annie’s Natural Tomato Ketchup and gravy. We suggest using Libby’s canned gravy or Bisto canned gravy because both of these are delicious.

Can You Soak Steel Cut Oats Overnight?

Steel cut oats need to be soaked at least for 12 hours, so you don’t really have a choice of whether you want to soak them overnight or not. You will have to soak them for as long as possible because the longer you soak them, the better they will taste.

Some people soak them for more than 18 hours to get better nutritional value. Some people even soak them for more than two days. The value and softness you want should determine how long steel cut oats are soaked.

How to Soak Steel Cut Oats Fast

There are no quick soak methods for steel cut oats, mainly because of their hardness and nutritional value. If you heat or boil them, they will lose their nutritional value, and their texture will not be chewy or digestible. You will have to soak them for a long period if you don’t want to reduce their taste.

If you don’t have the patience to go through the whole soaking period, there’s a first time for everything. Soak your steel cut oats, and you might as well have the patience to scale Mount Everest. While you are waiting, you could try getting some snacks like Justin’s Almond Butter and Highkey Keto Snacks since they give you vital nutrients without making you gain unnecessary weight.