How to Soak Rice Noodles

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Rice noodles are some of the tastiest strips of noodles that you fill find in the modern world. Somehow, people combined rice to form these wonderful noodles without negatively affecting their taste. You can get creative with these noodles in ways you may not have thought of before.

You may not have heard of these noodles before because they are used mainly in Asian countries. These noodles are often combined with other ingredients to get a taste of perfection. Some of the dishes with rice noodles as a component are Kway Teow, Khaosoiluangprabang and Pho.

Why Should You Soak Rice Noodles?

Soaking rice noodles is more or less of a necessity than a choice that you have. Rice noodles are naturally coated with a high concentration of starch. Rice noodles also happen to be very hard in their natural state, making them harder to cook.

If you want the rice noodles to become easier to cook, you will have to soak them beforehand. Soaking your rice noodles will make them easier to digest and cook. The main reason for that is the release of starch that remains concentrated inside the noodles.

By soaking your rice noodles, the concentration of starch is reduced, making the rice noodles less sticky. The release of starch also makes the noodles much more nutritious and better at controlling cholesterol and diabetes.

How to Soak Rice Noodles

Soaking rice noodles is simple like any other food. If you have cooked any type of vermicelli or pasta, then you will know how to soak rice noodles. The things that you will need are stockpots and some water. The best stockpots that we know of are the Tramontina Sixteen Quart Stainless Covered Stock Pot and the Update International Sixteen Quart Stainless Steel Stock Pot.

Wash the rice noodles under normal water and then put them in a pot. We wash our rice noodles before soaking them to reduce the starch usually found on their surface; it reduces stickiness. Pour in enough water for your rice noodles to become half submerged.

Then let the noodles become limp and get the best possible texture. Some people add in a bit of kosher salt to speed up the whole process. The best salt, in this case, is Diamond Kosher Salt and Kosher Salt.

Soaking Rice Noodles in Water

As explained above, soaking rice noodles in water is the best possible way to soften them without affecting their taste. The water removes the starch and makes the rice noodles almost perfect for consumption. You will only need to supply a bit of extra heat to activate all of the right flavors in your rice noodles.

How Long To Soak Rice Noodles

Rice noodles usually become limp in less than 30 minutes if put in a slightly lukewarm medium. If you want the best flavor for your rice noodles, then go for the 30-minute soak. By the end of the soak, your rice noodles should be limp and perfectly flexible but not breaking down.

You can keep checking for their consistency by prodding these with forks and sticks. Once your noodles reach the right consistency, remove them from the water. You should then add them directly to the dish since they lose their nutritional value when kept for too long once soaked.

Can You Soak Rice Noodles Overnight?

No, you should not soak your rice noodles overnight. As previously stated, soaking your rice noodles for an extended period will only ruin their flavor and texture. When rice noodles are soaked in water for an extended period, they break down and become unusable.

Also, why soak your rice noodles overnight if the whole point of rice noodles is to make mealtime simple and quick? Making any dish from rice noodles shouldn’t take more than 40 minutes, so don’t overcomplicate things.

How to Soak Rice Noodles Fast

Rice noodles hardly take more than 30 minutes to soak, so there isn’t any need for a quick soak method. Also, if you let your rice noodles soak in warm water, they will soak quickly. However, you will still have to soak them for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

In summary, you cannot soak your rice noodles for any period less than 15 minutes. There is no need for a quicker rice noodle soaking method because the current method is already quick enough.