How to Soak Red Beans

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Red Beans are nutritious small legumes, like black beans, black eyed peas and pinto beans. Their nutritional composition is a big dose of Potassium and dietary fiber. If cooked with care, these small beans will take you on a journey of flavors.

The nutritional composition of red beans makes them a good choice for losing weight. You can’t use them as substitutes for high blood pressure medicine, but they keep cholesterol regulated. And as if that wasn’t enough, red beans are also long-lasting.

Why Should You Soak Red Beans?

We all love eating beans (A majority of us do!), but we hate cooking them. Red Beans, like the rest of the hard-shelled beans, can take a long time to cook. For people like us working on constricted timetables, this extended cooking time is a major drawback.

Another problem is that, like most legume family members, Red beans have a high density of oligosaccharides. This compound is indigestible and will not break down. This compound is also responsible for the heaviness and gassy feeling that you experience after eating beans.

What soaking does is reduce the intensity of this compound by making the Red Bean more digestible. In short, you can digest it more easily and get that deserved dose of Potassium and Fibre. Furthermore, soaking makes the shell softer and reduces the cooking time significantly.

How to Soak Red Beans

Soaking red beans isn’t that hard; you only need the most basic things. The first thing you’ll need is a bowl, followed by beans and water. You should also get some heat-resistant BBQ gloves to keep your hands safe.   

Soaking Red Beans in Water

Water is the main medium used to soak red beans. Normally, people put their beans in water and add a dash of Kosher Salt. Some people use baking soda, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Washing away baking soda from your beans is a problem that you don’t want to face.

For every cup of beans that you use, put in three cups of water. Add about two teaspoons of Kosher salt. You can let it soak for about five hours or more.

How Long To Soak Red Beans

The length of the soaking period depends entirely on what you want to make. If you want to make a soup with soft beans, then let your beans soak for at least eight hours. If you want a bit of firmness in your beans, then soak them for four to five hours.

If you don’t have a lot of time or if you have some people coming over, then you can go for the quick soak method. It all depends on your circumstances and conditions.

Can You Soak Red Beans Overnight?

Soaking the Red Beans is the easiest part; waiting for the soaking is the hardest part. Therefore a lot of people try to soak their Beans overnight. A majority of people prefer this method because it requires the least bit of effort.

You take your beans and wash them thoroughly to get rid of dirt and dust. After that, you take a bowl, preferably one that doesn’t react to cold or hot water. Put your red beans in the bowl and cover them with cold water.

You should then place them in a cold place, ideally a refrigerator. Low temperatures and water allow your red beans to retain their shape and soak up that water nicely. When you wake up in the morning, your beans will be hydrated and ready for their transformation into delicious dishes.

How to Soak Red Beans Fast

The quickest option remains the same for most of the members of the legume family. To prepare the red beans quickly, you will need a good heating pot; some people use a ceramic Dutch oven (Don’t be fooled by the name!). Bring your beans to a boil in a pot of water.

Allow the beans to boil for two minutes, then remove them from the heat source. Allow them to soak in the warm water for about an hour, or until they reach the softness you desire. Don’t let them soak for too long because they may lose their shape.

Drain the water, then separate the red beans and cook them as desired. You can make some tasty salads and get some Keto snacks and some Keto ketchup to go along with it. No more weight gain problems, but double the flavor.