How to Soak Pumpkin Seeds

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The name of this seed pretty much sums all that it’s about. Pumpkin seeds come from (You guessed it!) Pumpkins. These oval-shaped seeds are the best when it comes to giving you a roundhouse dose of nutrients.

Some of the nutrients these seeds are rich in are Magnesium, fiber, and Iron. Plus, these seeds are delicious, especially if you pair them up with other snacks and dishes. The AHA recommends eating at least 30 grams of these seeds every day because these seeds are so good.

You can use pumpkin seeds to garnish and give a simple Pogacsa or Sidvudvu extra flavor and nutrition. These seeds can also be eaten raw to get the right nutrition and magnesium. 

Why Should You Soak Pumpkin Seeds?

Pumpkin seeds, as explained above, are a healthy addition to your daily routine. Also, as explained above, pumpkin seeds are seeds that release their natural inhibitors or anti-nutrients when soaked by natural rain or moisture. These seeds cannot develop to their full nutritional value when not soaked.

These seeds can’t come in pre-soaked canned packages because they sprout once their enzymes and inhibitors are released. The only way to release these enzymes and inhibitors is to soak them for a long period. By soaking, you make them more nutritious and more digestible and tastier.

How to Soak Pumpkin Seeds

If you have ever soaked something in your life, you won’t find soaking pumpkin seeds hard. The things that you need to soak pumpkin seeds are also easily found. For starters, you will need a clean bowl and some soaking medium.

The most used soaking medium for pumpkin seeds is water, while some have even used pickle juice. Irrespective of the soaking medium, the soaking method remains the same. You should cover your pumpkin seeds by at least an inch of the soaking medium and then wait for the required time.

Soaking Pumpkin Seeds in Salt Water

As stated above, water is the main soaking material used for pumpkins. The main reason for that is water availability and its hydrating effect, which efficiently releases all of the inhibitors in pumpkin seeds.

You start by washing your pumpkin seeds to remove any dirt. After washing the seeds, put them all in a bowl and pour in the water. After pouring in the water, add an adequate amount of kosher salt.

Wait for your pumpkin seeds to soak up in that salty water, and remove them when you feel they are done. Soaking times have been explained in detail below.  

How Long To Soak Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds need a fair bit of soaking time if you want to tap into their full nutritional benefits. Normally you will have to soak your pumpkin seeds for at least 6 hours. You will also have to drain the water at least once during the soaking time.

Also, some people soak their pumpkin seeds for well over 12 hours. The maximum soaking time for pumpkin seeds can extend to 24 hours. The minimum soaking time for pumpkin seeds should always exceed 6 hours.

Can You Soak Pumpkin Seeds Overnight?

Yes, you can soak pumpkin seeds overnight, and you should soak pumpkin seeds overnight. If you plan on roasting your pumpkin seeds, then the soaking process is indispensable. You will have to soak your pumpkin seeds to engage the mushy innards and make them more favorable for soaking.

You should also try to understand that overnight soaks require a regulated temperature and at least one drainage of the soaking medium. By drainage, we refer to replacing the stagnant water with fresh water and don’t forget to add the salt.

Once the minimum limit for soaking is exceeded, you can drain the water and filter out the pumpkin seeds. You can then roast them or use them as you seed fit. Some people prefer eating their pumpkin seeds with a side of Oreo Fudge Dipped Chocolate Sandwich Cookies since the taste compliments each other.

How to Soak Pumpkin Seeds Fast

There is currently no quick way of soaking pumpkin seeds quickly. If it’s any consolation, you can use your pumpkin seeds without soaking them, but we can’t guarantee a good taste. Another thing that you should note is that soaking pumpkin seeds is beneficial for you.

If you find pumpkin seeds and their soaking time too unbearable, then you can look for some equally healthy alternatives like Justin’s Almond Butter or Just the Cheese Keto Bars. Even though the taste is widely different, we recommend these snacks for their nutritional value. Hopefully, you will love them too!