How to Soak Potatoes for Fries

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Potato is one of the healthiest but, unfortunately, one of the most underrated things in the modern world. The main reason for that is perhaps its mass production and bland taste. However, once processed, these potatoes can give us a taste of heaven in the form of fries.

The best thing that modern culinary art gave us undoubtedly fries. The modern world would be incomplete without the crispy crunch and starchy taste of fries. No matter where you go worldwide, almost everyone has heard of potato fries.

And why wouldn’t they have heard of potato fries when you consider their nutritional benefits. Potatoes are some of the most condensed sources of carbohydrates and some glucose strings. Eating the right meal with potatoes could give you enough energy to scale the Himalayas twice (Don’t go about doing that, though!).

Why Should You Soak Potatoes for Fries?

We already know how amazing potatoes are and how tasty they can become. However, we have to consider a few problems or drawbacks associated with potatoes. There are two main problems associated with potatoes.

The first one is the starch content of potatoes. Potatoes have an abnormally high content of starch, leading to an increase in blood sugar levels and other problems. Therefore, people with diabetes will have a hard time digesting something with potatoes, especially fries.

The second problem is also related to starch, but it addresses the effects starch has on cooking. If there is too much starch in your potatoes, then you may find your fries sticking together. They will also become too stingy or weird in taste.

By soaking your potatoes, you make them tastier and easier to cook. Since potatoes lose a lot of starch when soaked, potatoes also become a lot healthier. If you get some keto ketchup, then you could very well have the healthiest meal of your life.

How to Soak Potatoes for Fries

Soaking potatoes is easy and simple because it’s just like soaking any other food item. You will only need some thinly sliced potatoes, water and a bit of patience. If you want to go for a secondary soak after the initial starch removal, you will need some vinegar and some salt. 

The process is simple and easy to follow because you have to submerge your thinly sliced potatoes in the soaking medium and wait for them to soak. You have to account for certain temperature differences, but that comes later.

Soaking Potatoes for Fries in Water

Soaking in water is the simplest method to remove the extra starch from your potatoes. You start by washing your potatoes thoroughly under cold water and then putting them in the water. You have to keep the temperature cold because warm water will activate the starch.

Once soaked, you can remove them from the water, wash them again and go on with turning them into potato fries. The next optional process is boiling them in a vinegar and kosher salt solution. This process makes the potato slices absorb the briny flavor and gives them a better taste and texture.

How Long To Soak Potatoes for Fries

The consensus is that potatoes should be soaked for at least 30 minutes. According to the same consensus, you can soak your potatoes overnight or longer as long as the temperature remains cold. If you have the patience and want the additional health benefits, then soak them for at least two to three hours in cold water.

Can You Soak Potatoes for Fries Overnight?

Yes, you should soak your potatoes overnight (8 to 10 hours) because it is healthier. The only thing that you have to be careful about when soaking your potatoes overnight is the temperature of the water. You will have to keep your potatoes in a cold place; otherwise, the soaking will be ineffective.

How to Soak Potatoes for Fries Fast

There is no quick soak method for potatoes because it is impossible to soak them quickly. Normal quick soak methods require the application of heat, which in this case won’t work. The starch will activate if you pour in hot water or heat them.

You don’t want the starch to activate because it will just make things harder. You won’t be able to separate the starch effectively if it is activated. So, you have to be patient and persevering when cooking potato fries at home.

If you don’t want to wait that long, we have a simple solution. Get some frozen fries like Alexia Crispy Rosemary Fries or the Ore-Ida Frozen Golden Steak Fries. With these fries and a bit of Heinz ketchup, you can get that fast food taste with that homemade health.