How to Soak Pecans

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Pecans are also known as the food that most of us can’t find. This remarkable munchy treat has found a steep rise in demand in the past few years. This continuous rise in demand but a lapse in supply has led to an inflationary price rise.

But why did this seemingly simple food suddenly become so demanded? One reason could be the increasing awareness about its health benefits. The other reason could be its diversity and unique flavor that can be combined with several different dishes and meals.

Coming back to the health benefits, pecans are rich in magnesium, calcium, iron and various vitamins. These small bundles of taste also have a high concentration of monosaturated fat. In simple terms, including pecans into your diet will lower LDL and give you better heart health.

Why Should You Soak Pecans?

Pecans are the perfect superfood, and they even taste good. However, some people dislike their oily taste and texture. Some people believe that pecans have some anti-nutrients that do not allow them to grow to their full potential.

By soaking your pecans, you remove all of these conditions by making them tastier and better in texture. By soaking your pecans, you make them easier to digest and unlock their full nutritional potential.

How to Soak Pecans

The traditional way of soaking pecans is best because even novices can follow it. Also, the traditional method is the only method that doesn’t alter the taste or nutritional value of pecans. All you need are pecans and pure water or whatever medium you prefer to soak your pecans in.

You clean the pecans and place them in a bowl. Then you add the soaking material and wait for the appropriate time and consistency. By probing your pecans with a fork, you can keep checking for the right consistency.

Remove the pecans from the bowl once they have reached the desired consistency. Use them as you see fit after thoroughly rinsing them. You will also need to get some stockpots to soak your pecans; the best we know of are Faberware Sixteen Quart Stainless Steel Stockpot and Excel Steel Sixteen-Quart Stainless Steel Stockpot.

Soaking Pecans in Water

Because of their breakdown effect, pecans are soaked primarily in water. All you have to do is immerse your pecans in water and wait for them to absorb it. When they have reached the desired consistency and softness, remove them from the bowl and place them in the desired food.

Some people add a pinch of salt to the solution to help the soaking process. Normally, it will change the flavor slightly, but a minute saved is a morsel gained.

How Long To Soak Pecans

Pecans can be perfectly soaked in less than 30 minutes using the quick soak method. A quick soak with warm water will eradicate the anti-nutrients and digestive inhibitors. By soaking the pecans, you will make them more digestible and nutrient-rich.

If you use cold water, you can soak them for above 4 hours without any loss in the form of nutrition. People usually use the standard method because it allows the pecans to become healthier without much effort.

Can You Soak Pecans Overnight?

The overnight method of soaking pecans is something that we do not recommend. If soaked for too long, Pecans will lose their shape and become messy. Also, you can get soaked pecans in less than 5 hours, so why would you go through the trouble of soaking them overnight.

If you want to eat soaked pecans first thing in the morning, then and only then would we recommend soaking them overnight. Also, if you are soaking them overnight, keep them in a refrigerator.

How to Soak Pecans Fast

The quick soak method for pecans is straightforward but risky. To begin, wash your pecans and place them in a pot. You add water, bring it to a boil, and then leave it for two minutes.

After that, please turn off the heat and leave them to soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Please do not soak them in hot water for too long as they will lose shape and firmness. Remove them from the water, and do whatever you want with them.

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