How to Soak Gummy Bears in Vodka

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There is a stigma attached to gummy bears that makes them hard to consume when you are an adult. It’s not the taste or the beauty of the gummy bears that changes, but our lives and the sense of responsibility, which repels the childish sweetness of gummy bears. Well, there is a way to get that childishness back into your life without feeling a bit of guilt.

If you have tried all different types of cocktails, beers and just can’t get one that hits the spot, then you, my friend, need a gummy bear vodka. These small gummy bears soaked in vodka give you an enhanced taste and a better dose of serotonin.

The best thing about gummy bear vodka is that it is easy to make and requires only the most basic things. You take some gummy bears and some vodka; you combine them to get gummy bear vodka. That’s as simple as it is.

Why Should You Soak Gummy Bears in Vodka?

Gummy bears by themselves are already tasty enough, but when you soak them in vodka, you get that boozy taste. You also get the added benefits of vodka, which is elevated heartbeat, a sense of glee without being drunk. Apart from all of the mismatched and weird sounding reasons, we have one prime reason for soaking gummy bears in vodka.

If you don’t soak gummy bears in vodka, you won’t get gummy bear vodka. The recipe clearly says that you have to soak the gummy bears in vodka. If you don’t soak them, the recipe won’t work, so it is essentially a necessity.

We wouldn’t recommend eating too much gummy bear vodka’s thought, lest you get some cavities. If you want to wash down the gummy bears with some vodka or any other beverage, then you might want to get some Ozeri Moderna Artisan Series Beverage and Espresso Shot Glasses. If you are doing something, then why not do it in style?

How to Soak Gummy Bears in Vodka

Soaking gummy bears in vodka is easy because you literally just have to dump all of the gummy bears into the vodka. Yes, you will have to get some gummy bears or gummy worms and put them in a non-reactive bowl.

If you are preparing a large batch, get the Sagler Mixing Bowl Sets or the Priority Chef Premium Bowl Sets. We recommend these because they aren’t reactive and do not ruin the taste of your gummy bears or vodka.

Soaking Gummy Bears in Vodka

If you are making gummy bear vodka, then you can’t use any other thing to soak your gummy bears. The method of soaking gummy bears in vodka is easy. You take some gummy bears and put them in vodka. Then you wait for them to soak up the vodka.

The only thing you have to be careful about here is the temperature of the vodka and the gummy bears. Don’t let the bowl get too hot or too cold; refrigerating the bowl will only slow the soaking process. If it’s too hot, then you will have ruined gummy bears.

How Long To Soak Gummy Bears in Vodka

You normally soak gummy bears for 20 to 24 hours. The main part is putting the gummies in bowls, which takes roughly 10-15. Once you put your gummy bears in the vodka, you only have to wait for them to absorb enough of the vodka and puff up.

Since there is no other way to get your vodka into the gummy bears, you will have to wait patiently through the process. You can’t speed things up or get some magic wand to get everything done in a second. Wait and keep checking their consistency every few hours.

Can You Soak Gummy Bears in Vodka Overnight?

You will have to soak your gummy bears in vodka overnight by the standard method. It isn’t a choice or option that you can forgo. You will have to soak your gummy bears overnight because of pure necessity.

Some people take their gummy bears out for consumption after 7 to 8 hours; others wait for 12 hours. Some pure mad lads soak their gummy bears in vodka for more than 16 hours. These people get the best worth out of their gummy bears.

How to Soak Gummy Bears in Vodka Fast

There is no quick soaking method for gummy bears because heat ruins them. You can’t add anything to catalyse the process because vodka is a reactive medium. If you add anything, it will only ruin the taste of your whole thing.

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