How to Soak Eggplant in Saltwater

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Eggplants are pretty much purple potatoes with a lot of gooey fillings. You can get the best idea of eggplants from how they function nutritionally. You will find that eggplants have a high concentration of vitamins and rich nutrients that give you better tummy health and skin health.

Eggplants also have a rich concentration of antioxidants, which allow your body to become healthier and your skin to become more radiant. Eggplants also have a rich concentration of dietary fiber that will allow you to digest these purple bulbs without any problems.

You will get an even richer flavor and mellow nutrition if you give your eggplants a saltwater bath. If you add eggplants to your daily diet, you will have better weight control and heart health. In short, you will make your meals more colorful, literally and figuratively.

Why Should You Soak Eggplant in Saltwater?

Eggplants are a nutritious treasure trove that rarely needs soaking, especially when you consider the difference between eggplants from today and the past. The salt water soak for eggplants is basically a traditional routine that chefs follow. Some eggplants genuinely need to be soaked in salt water, while for others, it’s optional.

The main reason for soaking eggplant in salt water is to remove the bitterness. Compared to the past, today’s eggplants are bred for mildness, so it’s not that important anymore. Nevertheless, if you want your eggplants to taste better, then try soaking your eggplants. This method applies to all forms and types of eggplants.

How to Soak Eggplant in Saltwater

Soaking eggplant in saltwater is easy since you only need a few simple things. The first thing that you need is a pot. You should get a big enough stockpot, like Faberware Sixteen Quart Stainless Steel Stockpot and IMUSA USA Twenty-Quart Stockpot, because these are big enough for multiple eggplants.

You will also need enough water to cover your eggplants so that there aren’t any problems. After that, you should add a bit of kosher salt because these are large and give you more surface area.

You should remember to keep the temperature regulated because if you don’t keep the temperature regulated, your eggplants will become spoilt. You must understand that eggplants lose their nutritional value when soaked for too long.

Soaking Eggplant in Saltwater

Soaking eggplants in saltwater is the simplest possible thing, as explained above. The saltwater speeds up the soaking process for saltwater by breaking down the outer skin quickly. Another thing that the saltwater does is soak out the excess liquid that makes eggplants bitter.

The saltwater also makes the eggplant creamier and softer for cooking. You could turn your eggplants into a creamy ranch or a healthy meal, all without worrying about gaining weight.  

How Long To Soak Eggplant in Saltwater

Eggplants don’t need to be soaked for more than 30 minutes. If you are using warm water or steam, don’t soak them for more than an hour. If you are using cold water, you can soak it for three hours or more.

A good way to know when your eggplant is soaked, prodding them. Use a fork or a stick to check their consistency. Your eggplants should be firm but tender like fresh cherries if you want the best flavor` for your eggplants.

Can You Soak Eggplant in Saltwater Overnight?

You can (In normal water), but it wouldn’t be of any help. On the contrary, it would only lead to the destruction of your eggplant’s texture and taste. Also, most eggplants can be soaked perfectly in less than 30 minutes, so why would you feel the overwhelming urge to soak them overnight.

If you want to get perfectly soaked eggplants, you can also steam them. We wouldn’t recommend steaming them either, but it will prove more beneficial than putting them in salt water to soak overnight.

How to Soak Eggplant in Saltwater Fast

Eggplants rarely take an hour to soak in salt water, so why would we need a separate quick soak method for them. If you are pressed for time, you can take them out after soaking them for 30 minutes. You could also try using some lukewarm water to increase the soaking rate for your eggplants.

Once your eggplants are done soaking, you can combine them with the rest of the ingredients to get some dazzling products. You may have heard of Baba Ganoush and Sabich, both of which are brilliant dishes from the gulf. However, there is an even simpler dish that you can make with eggplants named Pkhali.