How to Soak Cold Brew

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Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in breakfasts throughout the world, along with tea and other energy-producing beverages. Coffee or tea is normally a hot drink that gives you enough caffeine to get through the day without any problems. Despite popular belief, if you consume coffee in moderation, there are certain health benefits, like lowering cholesterol and better brain activity.

What some people hate about coffee is how it’s a hot drink that sometimes gives you a lot of acidities and some churning reflux. This problem was solved with the development of cold brew, which took out all of the oiliness from coffee. It also gave the coffee a colder and more moderated taste that didn’t sting.   

Why Should You Soak Cold Brew?

We know that to get any type of coffee, you will have to soak it or steep it. If you don’t soak or steep it, the flavor from the coffee will not soak into the water. The thing to understand here is that soaking isn’t an option that you have with this coffee.

It isn’t an option but a necessity that you will have to follow through with. What are the benefits of cold brew? It eliminates the hard oiliness of normal coffee and makes it much better on your tummy than normal hot coffee.

Another positive effect of getting your coffee steeped for cold brew is that you reduce the risk of getting inflammation or any of the other risky health-related conditions normally attributed to coffee. If you want to enjoy the taste and chilly feeling of cold brew, then you don’t really have a choice of soaking your coffee.

How to Soak Cold Brew

We feel the need to clarify here is that we do not soak the cold brew; we soak the materials needed for a cold brew. Normally people have to soak ground their coffee beans and mix them in hot water. In cold brew, you do the same but use ice-cold water to steep your coffee.

Once the coffee beans are grounded, you have to mix them with cold water and let them steep for a long time. The time factor is important here because a short steeping period will not give you the satisfaction of a proper cold brew. Once the steeping is over, you can get your cold brew with all of its nutritional benefits.

Soaking Cold Brew in Ice Water

You don’t soak the cold brew in ice water. You basically steep ground coffee with ice water, which gives your cold brew (The final product) a richer and better taste. You can do that by mixing them both in a thermos.

However, we have an even better device for the steeping in the form of a coffee steeper. The best cold brew coffee makers are OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Brim Smart Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

How Long To Soak Cold Brew

Cold brews can take anywhere between 1 hour and 8 hours to soak properly. If you don’t soak them for that long, you won’t get that cold coffee nutrition or flavor. Normally people let the coffee beans soak for at least 2 to 3 hours.

The steeping process that lets the ground coffee beans to soak or steep into the cold water takes between 1 and 8 hours. We always recommend soaking the coffee powder to soak for at least 4 hours to get the best flavor.

Can You Soak Cold Brew Overnight?

As the name implies, cold brew is an iced and concentrated version of coffee. We’ve already established above that cold brew needs cold water or ice, to be exact. Naturally, to soak or steep it, you will have to let it stay for at least 8 hours or more.

Letting your product soak overnight isn’t an option or choice in this case. You will necessarily have to soak or steep your cold brew overnight. You will also have to use Iced water to get your cold brew and make an impromptu steeping system, as explained above.

How to Soak Cold Brew Fast

There is no known way of catalyzing cold brew coffee preparation. Normally to catalyze the soaking process, you increase the temperature or add a catalyzer. However, in cold brew coffee, you can’t do that because of two main reasons.

You can’t use hot water or warm water because the main point of cold brew is the coldness and the lack of oil. If you use hot water, then it wouldn’t be cold brew now, would it be? You would lose almost all of the health benefits of cold brew coffee if you used hot water in its preparation.

Also, buttermilk doesn’t do well with a catalyzer, so you can’t add that. There is no possible way to artificially increase the soaking rate for cold brew. Also, you should get Stone Street Cold Brew Colombian Whole Bean Coffee or Tiny Footprint Cold Press Elixir Coffee because these beans are meant to give you the best cold brew experience.