How to Soak Almonds

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Almonds are a member of the Rosaceae family, famous as brain food. These tasty seeds are rich in proteins and vitamins that can keep your neural pathways awake and open. These brown beauties also have a high concentration of fiber and vitamin E and how to soak almonds is simple!

Medically almonds can keep blood sugar regulated and cholesterol levels low. Almonds also positively affect people who want to lose weight since they have hunger suppressing agents. Their positive effect on weight and diet is one of the reasons for their inclusion ins Protein Shakes.

Additionally, almonds are one of the tastiest foods out there. You can use them to make oriental dishes, western deserts and heavenly snacks. The only limit to using almonds in different dishes is your ingenuity.

Why Should You Soak Almonds?

Almonds contain the same amount of nutrients before and after soaking. Their taste also remains pretty much the same irrespective of whether they are soaked or not. So, what is the reason for soaking almonds? Why should we put in the extra effort to soak almonds?

The texture of almonds needs to change based on the recipe that you want to follow. There are a lot of recipes that require soaked almonds purely for their texture; some need whole almonds, while others need powdered or cut almonds.

Another surprising effect of soaking almonds is that they become easier to digest. On closer inspection, we learn that once almonds are soaked, they release certain enzymes, which makes them more digestible. These are the two primary reasons for soaking almonds.

How to Soak Almonds

Soaking almonds the traditional why is by no means a tedious process because you only need the most basic things. You only need almonds and some pure water or whatever medium you want to soak your almonds in.

You wash your almonds and put them in a bowl. Then you pour in the soaking material and wait for the required time and the right consistency. You can keep checking for the right consistency by probing your almonds with a fork.

Once you feel that your almonds have reached the right consistency, take them out of the bowl. Rinse them thoroughly and use them as you see fit. You could put your almonds in Khoresh-E-Fesenjan or use it to make some Poppy Seed and Almond Strudel.

Soaking Almonds in Water

The main thing almonds are soaked in is water because of their breakdown effect. You only have to put your almonds in water and wait for them to soak up the water. Once they reach the right consistency and softness, you can remove them from the bowl and put them in the food you want.

Some people add a dash of salt into the solution to catalyze the soaking process. Normally it will alter the taste a bit, but a minute saved is a morsel gained.

How Long To Soak Almonds

The length of soaking almonds is entirely dependent on the consistency you want. If you want mushy almonds, then soak them for a long time. You can soak them for any period between 1 hour and 12 hours.

Can You Soak Almonds Overnight?

Yes, you can soak almonds overnight. The initial preparation is pretty much the same, but the only difference is the conditions to keep your almonds in. If you want to soak your almonds for a long time, then keep them in a refrigerator.

Soaking your almonds for long in a warm place will spoil them, so please be careful about the temperature.

How to Soak Almonds Fast

The quick soak method for almonds is similar to some of the other Rosacea family members. You take some almonds and put them in a pot. Naturally, we recommend using a good pot that is non-reactive to keep your almonds fresh even after a quick soak.

Once you put the almonds in a pot and pour the water in, you can boil them up. Bring the water to a boil and then wait for about one minute. Turn off the heat immediately and let the almonds soak in the water for about an hour.

After the hour is finished, you only have to drain the water and pour them into whatever you want to cook. If you want to skip all of the soaking processes, then get some ready-made food with almonds in them. You can get some Klondike Frozen Health Dessert and Barkthins Snacking Dark Chocolate.