How To Reheat Shredded Chicken?

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Pulled chicken or shredded chicken is an ingredient for other dishes and a recipe by itself. From salads to burgers, shredded chicken adds to the flavor and taste. Shredded chicken is usually made of boneless skinless chicken thighs and boneless chicken breasts.

Leftover shredded chicken may be a savior while preparing something super quick.

Best Way to Reheat Shredded Chicken

The best way to reheat shredded chicken is by reheating them in an oven or microwave. Since the heat may risk drying out the juiciness from the chicken, you need to follow the necessary steps provided according to the devices you use to reheat them.

Can You Reheat Shredded Chicken in an Oven?

You can reheat the shredded chicken in an oven. Preheat your oven at 350F, lay down a baking tray, spread some liquid, broth, olive oil etc., on the bottom of the tray, place the shredded chicken on it, cover the tray with aluminum foil and heat for 5-6 minutes.

You may need to heat for a few more minutes if the temperature of the chicken doesn’t reach 165F.

Can You Reheat Shredded Chicken in a Microwave?

Yes, it is convenient to reheat the shredded chicken without losing its moisture. Choose a microwave-safe container or bowl, put the shredded chicken in it, add some liquid per shred of chicken or wrap the chicken with a damp paper towel, cover the bowl with a plastic wrap, pierce some holes into the wrap and heat the chicken at 350 F for 30-40 seconds.

You may use any liquid, such as meat broth, olive oil, cooking oil etc.

Can You Reheat Shredded Chicken on the Stove?

This method will require minimal time; however, the chances of the shredded chicken drying out increases if not provided with enough moisture.

Place a non-stick frying pan on medium flame, add oil/butter/meat broth/ water to the pan, spread the shredded chicken without overlapping, cover with a lid and reheat for 2-3 minutes. You need to check every 30 seconds to turn the pieces and heat evenly.

Can You Reheat Shredded Chicken on a Grill?

Although it is possible to reheat the shredded chicken on a grill, we would not recommend you do so unless you have any other means since grilling them might make them chewy and hard.

However, if you like barbecue shredded chicken, then go ahead and try this option. Season the chicken with pepper, salt and butter, place them on the grill and reheat for 15-20 minutes. Twist the shreds midway to make sure all the sides are grilled.

Can You Reheat Shredded Chicken in a Toaster Oven?

Yes, you can also reheat your shredded chicken in a toaster oven. Select a baking dish or tray, fill 1/4th of the dish with water/broth/oil, put the shredded chicken in the tray, season with black pepper and salt, and cover with an aluminum foil or ovenproof dish and heat for 5-10 minutes at 350F.

Let the chicken rest for a few minutes before you savor it.

Can You Reheat Shredded Chicken in an Air Fryer?

It is a good idea to reheat the shredded chicken in an air fryer. Preheat your air fryer at 350-400F, pour broth/oil/butter in a ramekin bowl, add the shredded chicken and heat for 5-10 minutes. Turn the chicken midway to make sure they are reheated properly.

How to Reheat Shredded Chicken Without Overcooking?

There always lingers the worry of dried-out, chewy, hardened shredded chicken post reheating. To erase these worries, you simply need to adhere to the instructions given above and act accordingly. The time and temperature must always be kept in check to avoid overcooking.

The ideal temperature of the shredded chicken post reheating should be 165F.

How Long to Reheat Shredded Chicken?

This varies according to the method or device you are using to reheat the shredded chicken. While the oven, toaster oven and air fryer take 5-10 minutes to reheat the shredded chicken, the microwave does its job in less than a minute or so.

However, you should not exceed the required time limit, or it may suck out the juiciness from the shredded chicken, leaving it completely dry.

What Temperature is Needed to Safely Reheat Shredded Chicken?

The ideal temperature required to reheat the shredded chicken is 350F-400F (varies slightly depending upon the nature of the meat and the device). The temperature plays a crucial role in determining the ultimate taste of the reheated shredded chicken.


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