How to Reheat Breast Milk?

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It’s a personal preference to reheat frozen breast milk when giving it to your kid. Many babies prefer warm breast milk by a bottle. Heating breast milk improves the consistency of milk after it got preserved.

The lipid in breast milk separates in the container when it is thawed or chilled. Heating or at least getting breast milk to room temperature can make it easier to bring it to return to its firmer texture. Keep on reading to understand how to reheat breast milk and what protective measures need to undertake.

Best Way to Reheat Breast Milk

Reheating breast milk can be done in the microwave, stove, grill, and many more. To avoid burning your child, read and follow the instructions carefully.

Can You Reheat Breast Milk in an Oven?

Though it could perhaps not be the most effective option, you can still accomplish this in the oven.

Inside the oven, put an oven-safe bowl. Then fill the bowl with milk. Then set the oven to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, allow breast milk to heat for 2-5 minutes or until it begins to bubble.

Can You Reheat Breast Milk in a Microwave?

The microwave is the most convenient way to reheat milk, but you must watch this. In 45 seconds, 1 cup (250 mL) of milk must achieve room temp, and in 2 and a half mins, it should simmer. To prevent it from heating up, whisk it after 15 seconds.

If you want a gentler boil, consider adjusting your microwave to 70% speed. The milk should get stirred every 15 seconds. This equipment will irregularly transmit heat, increasing the risk of burns and depleting the nutrients in the milk. So, it is never a good idea to reheat milk in the microwave.

Can You Reheat Breast Milk on the Stove?

Whenever reheating milk on the stove, choose a large pot with plenty of space for the milk to boil & slide up the edges. Then Preheat the oven to 350°F. 

Now take a look here at milk & whisk it every couple of minutes to avoid boiling above. To prevent overheating the milk, reduce the temperature in the double boiler after it begins to boil. Make a double boiler if your stove is too warm to raise a gentle boil of the milk.

Can You Reheat Breast Milk on a Grill?

Although a grill is not usually the effective way, it is often the last option. To reheat breast milk on a grill, firstly wipe a grill pot. Then place the pot on the grill. Fill the pot with milk.

Boil the breast milk over high temperatures until it starts to boil. Now, take 1 minute to boil.

Can You Reheat Breast Milk in a Toaster Oven?

Remove the breast milk from the freezer and place it in a separate bottle. Now, set the toaster oven to 425 ℉. In the toaster oven, put your bottle. Now, heat for 1 minute in the toaster oven. After 1 minute, swirl the milk in the basin, then rep at a 30-second interval.

But be cautious not to overheat the breast milk: too much warmth can ruin the enzymes and immunizing components of the milk. Heating milk over 104 degrees Fahrenheit may burn your infant.

Can You Reheat Breast Milk in an Air Fryer?

No, their high-heat engines are strong enough to cause a short circuit.  Thus, don’t use the air fryer to reheat breast milk.

How to Reheat Breast Milk Without Overcooking?

Retrieve the leftover breast milk from the refrigerator and place it in the fridge to defrost overnight to reheat without overcooking. Next, depending on your choice, apply the given steps for the desired equipment like microwave, oven, etc. Always remember the time and temperature to avoid overheating.

How Long to Reheat Breast Milk?

As seen in the above-mentioned reheating steps for breast milk, each kitchen appliance requires a varied amount of time to boil the milk. So, there is no fixed time for reheating milk in each device. If the milk gets overheated by chance, put the bottle into tap water to bring in a normal temperature.

What Temperature is Needed to Reheat Breast Milk?

As the time varies for reheating the breast milk, in the same way, the temperature also gets changed. There is no such fixed temperature to reheat the milk. But always remember to keep warm, at between room & body temperature. As a general rule, strive for a temperature of roughly 99 ℉.


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