How to Reheat BBQ Ribs?

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Every BBQ party ends up with a lot of leftover ribs and other meat kebabs, etc. Most of us don’t know how to reheat and use that again; that’s why after being in the fridge for a few days, the BBQ ribs end up in the trash. But won’t let that happen anymore because we have brought some best reheating techniques for you.

In the coming paragraphs, we have listed some of the best reheating methods used by different experts. You will understand which ways suit to reheat BBQ ribs. So, let’s explore and know more about these techniques. 

Best Way to Reheat BBQ Ribs

Popular reheating methods are oven, stove, microwave, toaster oven, grill, and air fryer. But can you use all of these methods to reheat BBQ ribs? Well, the answer is no, and the best ways are listed below.

Can You Reheat BBQ Ribs in an Oven?

Yes, you can use the oven to reheat BBQ ribs, and it is one of the most used reheating techniques. For this method, you should preheat the oven to 400° F before putting the ribs inside. Also, make sure to wrap the ribs with aluminum foil and then fold both sides.

Before sealing the ribs, you should also add BBQ sauce, broth, or a little water to make it juicy and moist. Then, place the sealed BBQ ribs inside the oven in a normal or glass casserole dish. Reheat the food for around 15 minutes.

Before serving, you should take a meat thermometer and check if the BBQ ribs are fully heated. If yes, then take it out and serve.

Can You Reheat BBQ Ribs in a Microwave?

Reheating BBQ ribs in a microwave is easier, but it makes the meat dry even if you put BBQ sauce or broth, etc. That’s why it is not a highly recommended method. So, if you want to maintain the juiciness of the ribs, then look for some other ways to reheat.

Can You Reheat BBQ Ribs on the Stove?

No, you cannot reheat BBQ ribs on the stove. This method is a little tricky, especially if you have a bigger piece of the rib to heat. That’s why you should not take the risk.

Can You Reheat BBQ Ribs on a Grill?

Yes, the grill also makes a nice option to reheat BBQ ribs. With this method, you will have a very smoky flavor that makes the dish tastier. Also, it is quicker than the oven.

You should begin this method by turning the grill to a higher temperature. Then, drench the ribs with BBQ or any other sauce and splash them with a little water. Wrap the ribs in aluminum foil but don’t make it tight.

Place the ribs on the grill but keep the heat to moderate. Heat it for 8-10 minutes, and at the halfway point, turn the ribs. Once done, unwrap the ribs and serve.

Can You Reheat BBQ Ribs in a Toaster Oven?

The method of reheating BBQ ribs in a toaster oven is the same as the traditional oven. Preheat the oven at 400° F, wrap the ribs in aluminum foil, and then reheat it for around 15 minutes. Check if the meat is fully heated before serving.

Can You Reheat BBQ Ribs in an Air Fryer?

For reheating BBQ ribs in an air fryer, you should preheat the equipment at 350° F. Cut the ribs into small pieces, so it fits well in the fryer. You should also spray a little oil on the ribs to reduce dryness.

Besides, oil also makes the ribs a little crispy which makes it delicious. Then, you should cook it for 3-4 minutes. Once done, take it out and enjoy eating!

How to Reheat BBQ Ribs Without Overcooking?

If you don’t follow the temperature and reheating duration requirements properly in each method, then the chances of overcooking the BBQ ribs are higher. Plus, these requirements change accordingly based on the method you choose. So, stay careful in it.

How Long to Reheat BBQ Ribs?

The reheating process of BBQ ribs can take as low as 3-4 minutes in the air fryer and as much as 15-20 minutes in the oven. So, the duration varies from method to method.

What Temperature is Needed to Safely Reheat BBQ Ribs?

The temperature requirement ranges between 350° F – 400° F in all methods. While reheating it on the grill, the preheating should be at high heat, and while cooking, the heat should be medium.

Some experts also use the sous vide method to reheat BBQ and other types of ribs. So, you can try that too. Eat and enjoy the ribs.


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