How To Reheat Basmati Rice?

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After every dinner with basmati rice on the menu, we all are left with a lot of rice which most of us choose to trash out. But by reheating and eating it the next day, you can save the rice from getting into the trash. So, why waste the food?

In this article, we have rounded up some of the useful ways to reheat basmati rice. With these methods, you can maintain the quality and taste of the rice and have fresh-tasting food to eat even the next day. So, let’s know more about these methods.

Best Way to Reheat Basmati Rice

There are many ways to reheat any food, but in the coming section, we have listed some of the prominent ones. The list includes a stove, traditional oven, toaster oven, microwave, air fryer, and grill. However, not all of these methods can be used to reheat basmati rice.

Can You Reheat Basmati Rice in an Oven?

Yes, you can reheat basmati rice in an oven, and the process is pretty simple. Get an oven-safe dish, place the basmati rice in it, and add a little water. Make sure the large clumps of rice are broken before putting the dish inside the oven.

Cover the dish with aluminum foil or a tight-fitting lid. Then, bake the rice at the temperature of 300° F for around 20 minutes. Check if the rice is completely heated and then serve.

Can You Reheat Basmati Rice in a Microwave?

You can easily reheat basmati rice in a microwave. It will just take a few seconds to heat the rice completely. For this, you will need a microwave-safe bowl or dish.

Put the rice in the dish and drizzle over a few tablespoons of water based on the quantity of rice. Then, cover the dish with a damp paper towel and leave it in the microwave to heat up for 20 seconds intervals. Keep checking if the rice is heated thoroughly and then eat.

Can You Reheat Basmati Rice on the Stove?

The stove makes the most common tools used to reheat basmati rice. In this method, you should put the rice in a pot, add a little water, cover the pot, and put it on the stove. The heat should be medium-low.

During the process, stir the rice frequently and check if it is hot enough to eat. Make sure the rice does not break while stirring. Once it is heated well, you can take it out and eat it with curry or any other dish.

Can You Reheat Basmati Rice on a Grill?

No, the grill is not suitable for reheating basmati rice, and we recommend you not to give it a shot. With this method, you will not have fully-heated rice. Also, it can destroy the texture of the food.

Can You Reheat Basmati Rice in a Toaster Oven?

You can also reheat basmati rice in a toaster oven by following the same process as the traditional oven. Preheat the toaster oven at 300° F, put the rice in a tray, add a little water, and then put it inside the toaster oven and let it heat for 20 minutes. The rice will be fully reheated and ready to serve.

Can You Reheat Basmati Rice in an Air Fryer?

Yes, an air fryer makes one of the best options to reheat basmati rice. You can use the same method for other types of rice too. Besides, this method is less time-consuming.

Get a cake bucket and put the rice in it because the bucket makes stirring the rice easier. Then, preheat the fryer to 320° F and heat the rice for 8 minutes. Also, if the rice is completely frozen, then you should keep it for 10 minutes.

How to Reheat Basmati Rice Without Overcooking?

Consider the reheating duration and temperature to avoid overcooking the rice. Follow the instructions and reheating requirements of each method carefully to have well-reheated rice.

How Long to Reheat Basmati Rice?

Different methods have different demands when it comes to reheating duration. It may take as low as a few seconds in the microwave to around 20 minutes in an oven.

What Temperature is Needed to Safely Reheat Basmati Rice?

Just like the reheating duration, the temperature also changes based on the method. In the oven, the temperature should be 300° F, air fryer 320° F, and on the stove, the heat should be medium-low.

So, don’t water the leftover basmati rice. Just reheat it properly, get a side dish or another main course, and eat it.


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