How to Defrost Venison?

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Venison, also commonly known as deer meat, is a highly nutritious source of protein. It is low in fat and has a delicious flavor. It is a popular addition to restaurant menus around the world.

If you want to store it for a long, you should freeze it. However, before cooking Venison, you must defrost it to save time. Continue reading this article to know the methods of defrosting Venison.

How Long Does It Take to Defrost Venison?

Venison is lean and can be cooked quickly. If you want to cook it well, you should give it sufficient time to defrost. Using a refrigerator, you can defrost it for about 24-28 hours. In this case, you need to plan ahead of time to defrost the Venison.

If you defrost the Venison using cold water, you will need approximately 30 mins. After defrosting it well, you can season it and cook it using the best stone frying pans. The beautiful golden color on the Venison triggers your tastebuds as nothing does.

How Do I Defrost Venison Fast?

If you don’t have enough time, you better not defrost your Venison in the refrigerator because it takes time. In such cases, microwave defrosting is the fastest method. It takes about 7-8 minutes to defrost a pound of Venison.

Keep changing the sides and be careful about the temperature. Although this is the fastest method to defrost Venison, it is not much safe. 

The edges of the meat may start cooking inside the microwave. If this happens, there is a risk of bacterial entry into the Venison. In this case, your Venison may no longer be good to eat. What sad news!

Can I Defrost Venison in a Refrigerator?

Yes, of course. While this is a time taking process, it ensures safe defrosting. Place your wrapped piece of frozen Venison in the refrigerator. Squeeze out all the air from the package.

Place a plate below and above it to catch the drippings. You can also use a paper towel for this purpose. It usually takes about 24 hours and more for thicker pieces of Venison.

After you have defrosted it well, you can cook it the way you like. Undoubtedly, Venison tastes the best when grilled. If you have the best grill cookbooks, you can learn different ways to grill Venison.

Can I Defrost Venison in a Microwave?

As already told, this is not the best method to defrost Venison. However, if you are running short of time, you can go for this method. Take care of the microwave timer to protect the meat from harmful bacteria.

Place the frozen Venison on a plate. Cover it with a towel or a plate before placing it in the microwave. Turn the microwave and set the times for 8 minutes. Check after 5 minutes and turn the sides of the Venison.

Defrost for another few minutes until it defrosts evenly. Do not defrost for more than 8 minutes. Cook the Venison as soon as you take it off the microwave for the best results. 

You can serve the Venison according to your choice. If you have the best-canned corn, it can go well with your delicious grilled Venison.

Can I Defrost Venison in Water?

Another safe and quick method to defrost Venison is by using cold water. Fill a large bowl or your kitchen sink with cold water. Place the tightly wrapped Venison in it. Change the water after 30 minutes. Continue doing this for 2 hours.

After 2 hours, remove the Venison from water and place it at room temperature. Cook it immediately to enjoy the best taste. Always use cold water for defrosting Venison. If hot water is used, it can lead to bacterial growth, which is never wanted.