How to Defrost Turkey Leg?

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No thanksgiving is complete without turkey dinner; that’s why roasted turkey leg is everyone’s favorite on Thanksgiving. The moist and tender leg meat, rich with flavor, makes it a perfectly satisfying meal for families.

If you are geared up to make drum sticks and you realized that the turkey leg is frozen you will look for ways to defrost it. It’s important to defrost turkey leg properly before you cook; otherwise, you might experience the difference in taste and texture. In the following article, we have gathered all the information and ways to defrost turkey legs.

How Long Does It Take to Defrost Turkey Leg?

The time taken by any meat to defrost depends upon the method you are picking to defrost it. We normally practice three ways to defrost meat. First, the refrigerator defrosting; secondly, cold water defrosting; and lastly, microwave thawing.

The Coldwater method is the fast way to defrost turkey leg that you can adopt if running short of time. If you are defrosting turkey leg by submerging them in cold water, it will take a couple of hours. However, in the refrigerator, turkey legs take 18 to 24 hours to thaw. The last method is microwave defrosting; which is the fastest method and consumes five to six minutes to thaw turkey legs.

How Do I Defrost Turkey Leg Fast?

If you have sudden guest over or want to have tempting drumsticks for dinner, you can opt microwave method. Microwave thawing is the speedy way to thaw turkey leg as it will save your time and give you a perfect taste if done with the accurate procedure.

You have to handle the microwave thawing method with care by looking after the drumstick during the process. You need to set the timer according to the weight and quantity of the drumstick to avoid cooking and burning turkey legs.

Can I Defrost Turkey Leg in a Refrigerator?

Yes, you can defrost turkey leg in the refrigerator. It’s the most recommended and safe method; moreover, you don’t have to prepare as the method is quite easy in refrigerator turkey leg thaw at a consistent temperature without temperature fluctuations.

Refrigerating frozen turkey leg is a time-consuming process, and you should do a little planning before. Defrost turkey legs can stay good in the fridge for four to five days, and you can refreeze turkey leg if they aren’t used.

Firstly take out frozen turkey leg from the freezer, don’t remove the packing. Secondly, Place it in the best defrosting tray; this will prevent liquid leaking by catching the meat juice. Spot the tray in the bottom rack of the refrigerator for one to two days. Once thawed, take it out and start cooking delicious turkey leg roast.

Can I Defrost Turkey Leg In Microwave?

As we have discussed above, you can opt microwave defrosting method if you have a very short time. You need to follow simple basic steps first, take turkey legs out of the freezer, and remove all the packaging.

Secondly, put turkey legs in the microwave-safe tray and set the microwave on defrost mode, afterward set the timer according to the weight of the turkey legs. Keep flipping the turkey leg on both sides; use the best gloves; otherwise, you might burn your hand. It would give you evenly thawed turkey legs. Depending upon the weights and size, it takes somewhere about five to ten minutes.

Can I Defrost Turkey Leg in Water?

Yes, that’s another pretty good and easy method to defrost turkey legs. Take frozen turkey legs out of the freezer; don’t remove the packaging; if it’s leaking, place the turkey legs in an airtight bag.

Now take a deep bowl, fill it with chilled water and dip turkey legs in it. It takes a couple of hours to defrost. Keep changing cold water after every 30 minutes. Once thawed, don’t leave it at room temperature; cook turkey legs soon when defrosted.