How to Defrost Tater Tots?

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Tater tots are grated potatoes in a cylindrical shape, and they are mostly fried and used in some recipes. They are used in many areas around the globe, and they are very famous for their delicious taste. Whoever buys tater tots buys them in large amounts and stores them for a long time.

The freezer is used a lot for the long-term preservation of tater tots. If you also store tater tots in the freezer, then you should always defrost them before cooking. There are a lot of ways to defrost the tater tots. You can defrost tater tots in the refrigerator and the microwave safely.

How Long Does It Take to Defrost Tater Tots?

We know that defrosting is very important before cooking tater tots, so you should safely defrost the tater tots. Defrosting is a time-consuming process, but it will not take much time in the case of tater tots.

If you defrost the tater tots on the countertop, it will take 1-2 hours maximum. And if you choose overnight defrosting of tater tots in the refrigerator, it will take 3 hours maximum. You can save your time by defrosting the tater tots in the microwave.

How to Defrost Tater Tots Fast?

If you want to save your time while defrosting tater tots, you should never choose the countertop or refrigerator for defrosting. There are some other ways to defrost the tater tots quickly. Many people defrost their food products in cold water as it is a safe and quicker process.

You can use cold water to defrost the tater tots but using a microwave for its defrosting is the best option as it keeps the tater tots safe and defrosts them within a couple of minutes. You will not find any quicker method to defrost the tater tots other than this.

How to Defrost Tater Tots in Refrigerator?

Do you have the best refrigerator? If yes, then you can take help from it for defrosting your tater tots safely. A refrigerator is the safest place that you can use to defrost the tater tots. It consumes time, but it ensures the complete safety of your food products. You can also defrost your tater tots overnight in the refrigerator if you want to use them the next day.

Take the frozen tater tots out f the freezer and cover them with plastic wrap. Please place them in the refrigerator and leave them to defrost overnight. You will see that all the tater tots have been defrosted completely without losing their quality in the morning.

Can I Defrost Tater Tots in Microwave?

Microwave is best for quickly defrosting the tater tots as it saves your time and keeps the product safe. You must have the best microwave to defrost tater tots in it. But you have to be careful while defrosting them because if you overheat them, they might get cooked or even burn if the heat is too high.

Select the defrost function from the settings to lower the heat of the microwave. Place the tater tots on the microwave-safe tray and heat them for a minute. After a minute, if your tater tots have defrosted, then take them out; otherwise, microwave them for a few more seconds.

Can I Defrost Microwave in Water?

Coldwater can help to defrost the tater tots quickly. Take the frozen tater tots out of the freezer and pack them all in a resealable bag. Place the bag of tater tots in a bowl and fill the bowl with cold water. Leave them for at least 15 minutes. Don’t use warm water as bacteria grow very rapidly at high temperatures to affect the quality of your tater tots.