How To Defrost Shrimp?

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We all are well known to all the amazing delicious shrimp recipes. Storing a seafood in your freezer so that you can enjoy it later is a good idea. Many of us later search for the best ways to defrost it quickly. If you have to thaw a shrimp to get it served by the dinner time you must be searching for proper and fast ways to defrost it.

We will provide you information about how to defrost shrimp properly and fast in this article so you could enjoy it on your dinner table. Defrosting a shrimp doesn’t require much of hard work. Following are the steps demonstrated to let you know how can you defrost a shrimp.

How long does it take to defrost shrimp?

The time which shrimp takes to defrost depends on various factors. There are many methods you can opt to defrost shrimps and each method defrosts the shrimp at different time. Before we dive into elaborating each method to defrost shrimp let us first tell you the time taken by each method to defrost the shrimp.

You can defrost the shrimp in refrigerator or microwave. Also you can defrost shrimp by using large bowl of cold water. In refrigerator shrimp takes one to two day probably while in microwave it takes thirty seconds to one minute. A shrimp takes fifteen to twenty minutes to defrost in a large bowl of cold water.

How do I defrost shrimp fast?

if you are expecting guests and there is literally short time left but wait, the shrimps are frozen! What should you do? No need to panic in that case you go for the fastest way to defrost your frozen shrimps. To defrost shrimps quickly you need to use the microwave.

You can use a best quality microwave for your ease to help you in hour of need. Set it on defrost mode and there you go. It will consume less time and come up with best and satisfying result. It will take thirty seconds to a minute time segment.

Once you have defrosted the shrimps you can now cook it the way you want. Not just shrimp but also other seafood freezes so well that once its cooked no one can later figure out that it was frozen. You can always go for other options if you aren’t in hurry.

Can I defrost shrimp in refrigerator?

Yes, as we have mentioned earlier in this article that you can put shrimp in your fridge to defrost it. It is completely safe to do that. Refrigerator takes longer to thaw shrimp but is all the way healthy. Take the frozen shrimps out and put them in the plastic bag in your fridge and let it sit there overnight. Shrimp takes maximum twelve hours to defrost in refrigerator.

Make sure to cook shrimps early after you thaw them because if you keep them for longer they are unable to retain their quality. A best refrigerator can make your work so easy. It can help you enjoy healthy defrosting of your shrimps.

Can I defrost shrimp in microwave?

The fastest to defrost your shrimps is by using microwave. First of all, you need to have good quality microwave to perform this function. To defrost shrimp using microwave you need to put them in microwave and set it on defrost mode.

For small sized shrimps it will take about thirty seconds to unfreeze them where big shrimps defrost about in a minute in microwave.  Don’t forget to shift frozen shrimps in microwave-safe container before putting them in microwave for defrosting. Keep check on shrimps after each defrosting time segment.

Can I defrost shrimp in water?

Yes, take a big deep bowl and fill it with cold water. Put the shrimps in zip lock bag and place the bag in the bowl. Let it be dipped in the water.  You can also put a lid or plate over a bowl to let the shrimps be dipped in cold water. Wait for the shrimps to be completely thawed. This process will consume ten to twenty minutes. It is a good way to defrost your shrimps. Cook shrimps right after they are completely thawed.