How To Defrost Root Vegetables

How To Defrost Root Vegetables?

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The part of plants that are underground and are eaten by humans is known as root vegetables. Root vegetables are not much different from the other vegetables. However, having a lot of health benefits, root vegetables are enjoyed in healthy diets for ages. These vegetables are considered to be the storage organs as they are capable of storing energy in the form of carbohydrates.

With all these healthy benefits, you might buy too many of them and then end up freezing them to keep them from going bad. However, you might get a little confused when you have to defrost them. There are many ways to defrost root vegetables. In this article, you will be well-informed about few well-known methods of defrosting the root vegetables.

How long does it take to defrost root vegetables?

No one can have a piece of exact knowledge about how long root vegetables will take to defrost. Different experts give estimated times but don’t rely on the estimated time of defrosting. While adopting any method, you have to be very careful and keep checking the vegetables during the defrosting process so you do not end of ruining them.

There are some ways through which you can defrost fast. And some methods are time-consuming. The longer root vegetables will be 24 hours or overnight. Other methods will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

How do I defrost root vegetables fast?

There are many ways to defrost the root vegetables fast. Although these methods are simple and quick but they are not recommended as your root vegetables may not defrost evenly. Out of all these methods, using microwave and water are two well-known fast ways to defrost root vegetables. Using the microwave takes only 5 to 10 minutes to defrost the root vegetables. You can know more about ways and procedures to follow this method in the article given below.

Can I defrost root vegetables in a refrigerator?

Yes, you can defrost the root vegetables in the refrigerator. Although this is a time-consuming procedure, yet, the method is very efficient as it is safe and simple. Also, the refrigerator does not defrost unevenly because it has a constant temperature.  While following this procedure, you have to make sure that you do not keep the vegetables opened in the fridge. Instead, you have to place root vegetables in a bowl and keep the bowl in the refrigerator.

To defrost the vegetables evenly, you have to keep root vegetables overnight, or in some cases, it might take up to 24 hours. Once the root vegetables have defrosted, you can keep them in the refrigerator for a day or two. When you want to cook, chop your vegetables using best vegetable choppers for and try some new recipes.

Can I defrost root vegetables in a microwave?

The microwave method is known to be the quickest way to defrost root vegetables. Experts advise avoiding microwave to defrost the food as it can unevenly cook your food due to heat. However, you can use the microwave to defrost root vegetables only if you are short of time.

To follow this procedure, you have to keep your frozen root vegetables in a bowl or a microwave tray. Then you have to set the microwave to defrost setting and also set its timer to 3 minutes. After every 3 minutes, check the vegetable and repeat if you find it necessary. Once your root vegetables have defrosted, you have to cook them immediately as they will spoil if not used instantly. You can use the best Viking cookware to cook them evenly and efficiently.

Can I defrost root vegetables in water?

Yes, you can use the water to defrost your root vegetables. It is always suggested to use cold water to defrost the vegetables as it keeps the temperature even and prevents the bacterial activity. To follow this method, you have to make sure that you do not sunken the root vegetables directly into the cold water. Instead, you should put them in a zip-lock bag and close it tightly so that water and air does not pass in.

Next, place the zip-lock bag in a bowl of cold water. It will take thirty minutes to defrost in water. Meanwhile, keep an eye on it and keep changing water after regular interval. Once defrosted evenly, you can cook the root vegetables using the best T-fal cookware sets.