How To Defrost Pesto?

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A combination of garlic, pine nuts, basil leaves, and any hard cheese all mixed in olive oil makes the pesto sauce. The pesto is a widely used sauce that goes amazing with different kinds of pasta.

Usually, people prepare this sauce at home as it is an easy one. So, they make this in bulk for later use. The best way to store pesto is in the freezer for extended shelf life. So, the question that appears in everyone’s mind is how to defrost the sauce?

How Long Does It Take to Defrost Pesto?

Defrosting pesto sauce is very easy as it does not freeze very hard. Also, pesto takes significantly less time to defrost because most of the ingredients in this sauce are fresh and watery.

If you have kept your frozen pesto sauce in the fridge for a defrost, it will take up to 1 hour to defrost thoroughly. If you are using a microwave for thawing the pesto sauce, you will be surprised to hear as it will take 15 to 20 seconds to defrost your sauce.

Using water for defrosting the pesto sauce is a tricky but effective method. The time taken to defrost pesto by this method is 20 to 30 minutes.

How Do I Defrost Pesto Fast?

You can enjoy the best taste of frozen pesto sauce if it is defrosted with the best techniques. This article will provide you all the methods and techniques to defrost pesto perfectly. The most rapid way to defrost the pesto sauce is in the microwave. Use this method only if you are in a hurry because the texture of the sauce slightly changes when it interacts with the microwave heat.

Can I Defrost Pesto in a Refrigerator?

Yes, pesto can be defrosted in the refrigerator. Using a fridge for thawing the sauce is a safe yet a little long method as compared to other ways. But still, you will get the best results after thawing the pesto sauce in the refrigerator.

Most of the time, people freeze the sauce in the best ice cube trays for their ease. So, transfer as much sauce as you want to any plate or bowl and keep it in the fridge. It will take a maximum of an hour to defrost the sauce. Just give a gentle stir to the defrosted sauce, and it is ready to be served.

Can I Defrost Pesto in a Microwave?

Making use of a microwave for thawing the pesto sauce is the quickest method till now. It will take some seconds to defrost your sauce. Besides, a microwave is an unsafe method, but what’s better than defrosting your sauce in some seconds.

So, take some precautions before putting the sauce in the microwave, like keeping the temperature very mild and use the microwave cover. After that, transfer your frozen pesto sauce to the best cereal bowl or any bowl available.

Give the sauce a spin of a maximum of 20 seconds and then give it a rest and a gentle stir too. If not defrosted completely, spin it again for 5 seconds, and your sauce will be defrosted successfully.

Can I Defrost Pesto in Water?

Pesto sauce can be defrosted in water but with great care. You cannot directly put the sauce in water for defrosting. It can be done indirectly, like putting the sauce in a pot and dip that pot in slightly warm water.

So, take any random best stir fry pan and fill it with warm water. Transfer your frozen pesto sauce to any big bowl and dip that bowl in the pan filled with water. Make sure that the bowl is perfectly dipped in water. Keep stirring the sauce, and after 20 to 30 minutes, you will get a perfectly defrosted sauce.