How to Defrost Clams?

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Clams are always a delight to eat. Clams are not everyone’s cup of tea. The people who are obsessed with the clams never miss any chance to get their hands over them.  It is indeed a mighty expensive obsession. People tend to freeze their clams in the freezer so that they can cherish their anytime cravings.

The clams stay fresh and retain their texture and flavor for a long time when frozen. Clams are delicate and should be given the deserved care when defrosting. It is easy to defrost them. You just need to know the following techniques.

How Long Does It Take to Defrost Clams?

Thawing the clams is not quite a time taking process. You can have your clams defrosted in a maximum of a day. It is when you defrost it in the refrigerator. It is indeed the most efficient way.

You can also defrost your clams in the microwave oven. It provides quick results but also you need to be very cautious of this process.  It only takes an hour or two when you defrost your clams in water. All the steps are extremely easy and require little effort.

How to Defrost Clams Fast?

As already mentioned above, you can defrost the clams quickly. The defrosting time depends upon the thickness of the ice around clams. A thin layer of ice will definitely meltdown quickly. Thus, the clams will defrost quickly.

If you are in haste and have to cook your clams, you can use a microwave. Firstly, you will have to break off the thick layer of ice surrounding your clams.

Then take a bowl of water, place your clams in it, and microwave for about three to four minutes.  Your clams will be defrosted in almost no time.

Can I Defrost Clams in the Refrigerator?

The clams or any other seafood is best defrosted in the refrigerator. The ice melts down slowly and steadily. It keeps the clams cool, and hence they retain their freshness. They do not develop a bad odor too. You will have to place them in the refrigerator one day before their cooking.

You also have to ensure that they are properly covered when placed in the fridge. It will prevent contact with other foods. You can place them in the best airtight containers for protection purposes. Once thawed, drain off the excess water from the container.

Can I Defrost Clams in the Microwave?

The shortest way to have our clams thawed is by microwaving them. The procedure is quite technical; hence it should be dealt with extreme caution and care. You should not place the clams directly in the microwave.

The direct heat can heat the shell; in turn, the clams can be cooked. Place them in a bowl of water before placing them in the microwave. Once thawed, drain the water and clean them thoroughly.

You can boil your clams by using the best seafood boiler. You can get perfectly cooked clams.

Can I Defrost Clams in Water?

One of the easiest ways to thaw down the frozen clams is by thawing them in cold water. It takes almost an hour or two, but the results are great. Make sure that you do not dip the clams in the water directly.

Place them in a zipper bag and place the bag in water. Add ice cubes to the water.  You can freeze your ice in the best ice cube trays. You will require to change the water once again if you think that the clams are not defrosted properly.

When they are defrosted, take them out and clean them. You will be all ready to cook the clams as per your choice.