How To Defrost Bone In Plate Short Ribs

How to Defrost Bone-in Plate Short Ribs?

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All the barbeque lovers know that bone-in plate short ribs are best for grilling. When bone-in plate short ribs are grilled over a charcoal flame, a beautiful crunchy crust forms on the outside, the inside is tender, flavorful, and holds all the juicy goodness. Bone-in plate short ribs are hard to find at the butcher’s shop. All the barbeque lovers have their eyes on them. They try to miss no chance of losing them. That is why they often have a reserve of these plate short ribs in their freezers. Just give this article a read to get an overview of defrosting your ribs.

How Long Does It Take to Defrost Bone-in Plate Short Ribs?

The defrosting time usually depends on the thickness of the meat. Since the bone-in plate short ribs are quite thick, they take a lot of time to defrost. It takes around 10-12 hours at room temperature to defrost properly. The defrosting methods also play an important part in defrosting time. However, it is not advised to keep your meat at room temperature for long.

How do I Defrost bone-in plate short ribs fast?

Running short on time, and you have guests to serve your barbeque bone-in plate short ribs? Nothing to worry about since we have the perfect solution. Using ice-cold water to defrost the ribs is an easy and quick way to defrost the ribs.

It requires timely changing of the water. You can also opt for microwaves to thaw your bone-in plate short ribs. Make sure you cover your ribs properly before placing them in the microwave.

Can I Defrost Bone-in Plate Short Ribs in a refrigerator?

If you have plenty of time before you have to grill them, you can place the ribs in the refrigerator. As it is already prohibited to keep your meat at room temperature for a long time, you can opt for the fridge. The room temperature may be beneficial for the growing bacteria. It could spoil your meat.

You can place your ribs as it is in the fridge or you can marinate them first. To make a dry rub, you can get the best mortar and pestle to grind your amazing spice. You can then place your bone-in plate short ribs in the best mixing bowls and marinate with the dry rub. The salts also accelerate the thawing process.

Can I Defrost Bone-in Plate Short Ribs in a Microwave?

Of course, you can thaw your short plate ribs in a microwave. It is quite an easy and less effort requiring method. The radiations may slightly affect the meat texture, but no one really cares about it when they are short on time. You can protect the texture by properly covering your plate short ribs so that they get minimal direct interaction with the radiations. Once they are thawed, they are perfect to be grilled.

Can I Defrost Bone-in Plate Short Ribs in Water?

Properly thawed plate short ribs are cooked evenly while grilling. One of the easiest ways to defrost your ribs is by placing them in cold water. You can use ice-cold baths for your ribs. Ziplock your bone-in plate short ribs in a plastic bag. Then, submerge this in your water. You will have to change the water from time to time once it attains room temperature.

This process might take a little effort, but it sure will defrost your ribs in a shorter time. The results are worth the effort. You can get your thick bone-in plate ribs thawed quickly. After you have thawed them, you can grill your ribs on the best smoker grill. It will give a smooth texture and great flavor to the ribs.