How to Defrost Beyond Burgers?

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These are the burgers that are vegetable-based, but they look like beef ones. Beyond burger is all juicy and has a wonderful meaty flavor of the traditional burgers. If you are trying to avoid eating red meat or don’t prefer eating red meat beyond burgers is best for you.

Ever wonder how to defrost the frozen beyond burgers that you saved to use later? How you do it? What are the methods? Well, if you are confused about it, following are the ways to opt if you are trying to defrost your burgers. You can defrost beyond burgers in the microwave, refrigerator, or under cold water.

How long does it take to defrost beyond burgers?

If you plan to defrost your burger in the microwave, it will be quickly defrosted in five minutes. Each method takes a different time for defrosting burgers. You might be thinking how long it takes to defrost beyond burgers in the other common methods like the ones in which we use refrigerator and cold water.

Choosing to defrost the refrigerator is good too, and for that, you have to let your burger sit in the fridge overnight or for a longer period than that. The last but not the least method, cold water method. Beyond burgers take fifteen to thirty minutes to defrost in cold water.

Further, each process is briefly elaborated below to let you know about the precise way to defrost burgers.

How can I defrost beyond burgers fast?

If you search for the quickest way to thaw the beyond burgers, you should pick the microwave defrosting option. You know that it takes only five minutes to defrost a burger in the microwave, so no other defrosting method offers less time than that.

However, it would help if you didn’t put the microwave defrosting option to the priority for defrosting your burgers but only in case when there is no time. The reason is that, there are microwave defrosting method can ruin the food is not carried out properly.

Therefore, it is better to thaw beyond burgers opting for other methods, but yes, microwave defrosting is quicker than the rest option we have.

Can I defrost beyond burgers in the refrigerator?

Refrigerating beyond burgers to defrost them is a great idea. It is the gentle and slow process of defrosting and it is highly recommended because it won’t ruin your burger anyway. However, there are different precautions that you will have to consider to follow this method.

For this process, first take out frozen beyond burger from the freezer. Grab a sealed container and shift the frozen burgers into the sealed container. Place the container in your fridge and let them be in there for overnight.

Sometimes, it may take a bit longer than just overnight, but most probably, you will get fully defrost burgers if you keep them overnight in your refrigerator.

Can I defrost beyond burgers in the microwave?

It is suggested to keep the burgers overnight in your fridge to defrost them, but you can microwave them if you don’t have that much time. There are certain things you should care about while microwave defrosting your food.

Handle burgers with care, like use gloves, and microwave the burgers in a microwave-safe plate. When microwave defrosting the burgers, keep checking them after thirty seconds to avoid overheating. It will take five minutes to defrost beyond burgers in the microwave. Microwave defrosting needs a little care; otherwise, you may overheat your burger.

Can I defrost beyond burgers in water?

It takes fifteen to thirty minutes to defrost beyond burgers in cold water. For this, grab a big bowl so you can submerge the burger in the bowl with cold water in it. Before dipping the burger in the cold-water bowl, place it in a zip lock bag. Put the zip lock bag in the bowl of cold water and let it be there for fifteen to thirty minutes. Beyond burgers will be defrosted within that time.