How to Defrost Asparagus?

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Asparagus is a crispy green vegetable with long pointed spears that are steamed, roasted, or grilled. Asparagus brings the taste of fresh greens to your table when steamed, grilled, or incorporated in dishes like steak toppings, soup, salads, scrambled eggs, and pasta.  Asparagus has a short shelf life like other green veggies, so most of us freeze it for storing.

However, if frozen asparagus is lying in your freezer and you are looking for ways to defrost them. You are at the best place; in the following article, we have enlisted ways through which you can thaw asparagus.

How Long Does it Take to Defrost Asparagus?

The method you are following to thaw asparagus determines the time taken by asparagus to defrost. The common methods that we opt to defrost frozen veggies are microwave defrosting, using refrigerator for thawing, and lastly, cold water defrosting.

When it comes to defrosting asparagus in the refrigerator, it takes six hours. But if you are running short of time, you can follow the other two methods. In the microwave, it takes few seconds to defrost asparagus. Coldwater defrosting takes an hour or two.

How to Defrost Asparagus Fast?

You can defrost asparagus in the microwave or oven for speedy results. Mostly asparagus gets cooked while defrosting, but it’s better to cook frozen asparagus without thawing it when it comes to defrosting asparagus.

On thawing, asparagus stalks lose their crispness. Like other green vegetables, asparagus, on freezing, lose its firmness and texture. So it’s not perfect to snack on frozen asparagus.

You can use it in dishes like soup, casseroles, and dip, which don’t demand asparagus firmness and crispness. To thaw it first before cooking, place asparagus in the microwave and defrost it for few seconds.

Can I Defrost Asparagus in Refrigerator?

Yes, you can defrost asparagus in the refrigerator. It is a safe way to unfreeze asparagus, although it is a time-consuming method. You need to place frozen asparagus at least six to eight hours before cooking.

Keep in mind that frozen asparagus, when defrosted, might not have the same texture as the fresh one. Asparagus gets soggy and watery on defrosting, so incorporate it in dishes like soups, dips, smoothies, and soufflés.

To defrost asparagus in the fridge, you first need to remove frozen asparagus from the freezer. Place them in a tray or plate, keeping them in the packaging you did for freezing. Cover the plate with a silicon lid and spot the plate on the bottom rack of the refrigerator for six to eight hours.

Can I Defrost Asparagus in Microwave?

Microwave is one of the fastest ways to defrost asparagus. It is an easy way to thaw asparagus, but mostly asparagus get cooked during thawing. You can directly put asparagus in the microwave and cook them without thawing.

It’s super easy and will prepare your meal with minimal effort. The main steps to follow are; at first, take frozen asparagus out of the freezer. Remove the asparagus from the packaging and place them in a microwave-safe bowl, toss it with butter, or spray some oil and sprinkle seasoning on it with the help of a kitchen oil sprayer. Roast the asparagus until cooked.

Can I Defrost Asparagus in Cold Water?

Yes, you can defrost asparagus in cold water. Simply after taking it out of the freezer, pack asparagus in a leak-proof, air-tight plastic bag. Then take a deep bowl and fill it with cold water. Now put the plastic bag containing asparagus into it.

Make sure the plastic bag is not leaked; otherwise, water will interact with asparagus. Keep asparagus in cold water for an hour or two, depending upon the quantity of asparagus you are defrosting.