How Long Can Tofu Sit Out

How Long Can Tofu Sit Out?

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Tofu is a food item that comes in the list of dairy products prepared by coagulating soy milk. It looks like cheese, but it is not cheese. It is bean curd, and these curds are converted into solid white blocks of softness. It contains multiple healthy nutrients that can keep you healthy and is quite soft and firm in texture.

If you are here to discover some interesting facts about tofu, then luckily, you are at the right spot. In this article, we will briefly discuss some important facts about storing tofu so, read it till the end. We hope it will be helpful and informative for you.

How Long Can Tofu Sit Out?

Starting from the first question that comes to your mind while buying tofu is, how long can tofu sit out? You must know about the shelf life of any food item you are buying to store it accordingly. If we talk about tofu, it is a shelf-stable food item as it can stay fresh for some time at room temperature easily.

If you want to keep it on the countertop, then you must not store it for more than three days because if you store tofu for more than seventy-two hours on your countertop, then it might get spoiled and lose its texture and freshness.

What Happens If Tofu Sits Out For Too Long?

The spoilage of tofu depends on the way you store it. If you store it in unpleasant conditions for a long time, it will go bad. Generally, tofu can last for three days at room temperature, maintaining its freshness. But if you store them for a long time there, there are some chances that they will not retain their freshness.

It also depends on the temperature of your surroundings. If you live in the hotter region, then your tofu will not sit out for too long, but if you live in colder areas, then there are fewer chances that tofu will spoil.

What Should You Do If Tofu Is Left Out For Too Long?

As mentioned above that leaving tofu for too long in a hot environment can be effective for its freshness. So, if you have mistakenly left it at your countertop for a long time, then you must worry about its spoilage. Before suing that tofu, you should first check its freshness. If you see any molds or dark spots on its surface, then it will be best for you to get rid of them.

Otherwise, you should immediately transfer it to the Best Undercounter Refrigerator to keep it safe. Make sure that you cover the tofu in the Best Airtight Containers to protect them from the odors of other food items in the fridge.

Does Tofu Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

If you have bought a lot of tofu for long-term usage and you are expecting it to last for a long time outside the refrigerator, then you are doing a mistake. As I have mentioned above, tofu cannot last for more than three days outside the refrigerator if the temperature of the surroundings is hotter.

So, for long-term storage, it is important to keep it fresh for a long time, and that cannot happen without using the Best Outdoor Refrigerators. Your tofu will get rotten quickly if you fail to keep it in a calm and cool environment.

Does Tofu Go Bad If You Lose Power?

Tofu can stay fresh for three days outside the refrigerator, and if you keep them in the fridge, its shelf life increases to weeks. So, if you have lost the power, you should not worry much as it won’t have a big effect on the quality or texture of tofu.

Tofu will remain fresh for some time even after the refrigerator shuts down, and it will not go bad at all. But if you have doubts about its spoilage, you should better use the Best Food Savers to store them.

Which Temperature Is Safe For Tofu?

As tofu is prepared from soy milk, you should not keep it in higher temperatures for a long time. It is because bacteria are more likely to grow at higher temperatures. So, If you keep tofu at temperatures higher than 10 degrees Celsius for days, there will be more chances of spoiling.

The temperature that best suits tofu is below 5 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, tofu will stay fresh and retain its quality for some time.