How Long Can Soy Milk Sit Out And Does It Go Bad?

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Soy Milk is a vital ingredient in making milkshakes, pancakes, smoothies, bread, mayonnaise, and baked goods. Soy Milk is a perishable food. It is important to be aware of its shelf life.

If you are wondering how long can Soya Milk sit out? This article has got the answers.

How Long Can Soy Milk Sit Out?

Shelf life is Soy Milk is short. Your Soy Milk remains fresh inside the refrigerator, and leaving it out for long might not be a good idea. Your room temperature also affects the freshness of your Soy Milk.

It is recommended that your Soy Milk should not sit out for more than two hours. If your room temperature is higher than normal, do not keep your Soy Milk out for more than one hour. You can also check out these best Soy Milk makers to help you in the kitchen.

What Happens if Soy Milk Is Out Too Long?

If you have forgotten to put your Soy Milk inside the refrigerator, then we may have bad news for you. Like other perishable foods, Soy Milk goes bad if it sits out for long. If your Soy Milk has been left out for too long, then it might go bad.

When your Soy Milk is out for too long, it invites bacterial invasion. Bacteria will reside in your Soy Milk and spoil it. We recommend you store your Soy Milk inside your refrigerator and not leave it out.

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What Should You Do If Soy Milk Is Left Out Too Long?

If your Soy Milk has been left out for long, then it might be spoiled already. It would help if you used your basic senses to inspect whether the Soy Milk has gone bad or not. But, how can you tell if your Soy Milk has gone bad?

Checking out if your Soy Milk has gone bad is pretty simple. If your Soy Milk smells sour and has a dense layer of cream on its surface, then it has been spoiled. We recommend you not to use spoiled milk and discard it.

This article will help you if you need additional guidance on how to tell if your Soy Milk has gone bad.

How Long Can Soy Milk Be In The Car For?

Your car is hostile territory for your Soy Milk. It is hot and humid, which is not good for your Soy Milk. Make sure you don’t keep your Soy Milk inside your car for long.

It is advised not to keep your Soy Milk inside your car for more than 1.5 hours. In summers, we will suggest not to keep your Soy Milk inside your car for more than 1 hour.

Does Soy Milk Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

A refrigerator is the best place to store your Soy Milk. It provides ideal conditions for your Soy Milk to stay fresh for long. But if it is not refrigerated, does it go bad?

Well, the freshness of your Soy Milk outside the refrigerator depends on two factors. Firstly, the room temperature and how long the Soy Milk has been left out. If your Soy Milk is out for a short time, it is good to go, but it might spoil if it is left out for long. 

Does Soy Milk Go Bad If You Lose Power?

Your refrigerator will keep your Soy Milk fresh for a long period. But if you have lost power, it means no refrigerator to keep your Soy Milk fresh. Will your Soy Milk go bad in this situation?

Your Soy Milk doesn’t need to go bad if you lose power. Your Soy Milk will not spoil if the power is out for a short time. However, if your power is out for more than two hours, your Soy Milk will start going bad.

What Temperature Is Safe For Soy Milk?

Cold environments with low temperatures are ideal for keeping your Soy Milk fresh. 400F or below is the best temperature to keep your Soy Milk and other perishable food items. Cold temperatures will stop bacteria from growing in your Soy Milk and spoil it.

Hot environment & high temperature is not good at all for your Soy Milk. High temperatures allow bacterial activity inside your Soy Milk, and it goes bad quickly. Make sure the storage temperature doesn’t exceed 900F.

How to store soy milk?

When it’s all about the life of a non-dairy product as soy milk, we would recommend you to take notes on how you can properly provide the best storage to the product.

It should stay fine for longer than the date mentioned on its package on providing the best storage conditions. Read the article below to know the exact good way for your soy milk to stay healthy for long.

At cool temperature

Soy milk resembles other alternatives of milk as coconut milk, oat milk, and almond milk. Proper storage is also based on the type of soy milk. If you have bought unopened shelf-stable soy milk, then you must store it at a cool temperature.

The temperature of your pantry would be good, too, but when if it’s sold unrefrigerated. You should keep it away from much heat to keep it safe from turning bad fast. If it is stored in warm areas, the shelf life decreases.

Dry places

It is important to have a check on places where you decided to put your soy milk bottle. Dry areas work in favor of soy milk’s shelf life. Dry places keep the moisture away, so there are fewer chances of soy milk spoiling when stored in dry areas.

Refrigerate it  

If the carton of your soy milk is opened or it’s not shelf-stable, room temperature can increase the process of deterioration. It won’t turn bad right after a few hours at room temperature, but it is more likely to spoil some days before than it usually does.

Put soy milk in the middle of a refrigerator which is away from the door. At the entrance of your fridge, the temperature keeps fluctuating. It is better to avoid it. If you have made this milk at home, then always keep it in your fridge; once the carton gets open, whether it is shelf-stable or not, put it in the refrigerator.

Can you freeze soy milk?

Yes, if you want to boost the shelf life of soy milk, you can go with the freezing option. Sometimes, soy milk changes its texture, and there could be a day when you find a change in its taste too, but even after thawing, it works great to be used in dishes we cook.

Using it in cooked dishes after thawing, like this, the change in texture would be negligible. For freezing it, pour the milk into a cube tray and put it in the freezer. Let the ice tray be there until it freezes. If frozen, shift the cubes in freezer bags.

Put the freezer bag in the freezer. Theoretically, you can freeze soy milk for an indefinite time as it doesn’t spoil if you freeze it, but still, it is suggested to freeze soy milk for two months for best quality purposes.

How long does soy milk last?

The shelf-life of soy milk relies on whether it is not shelf-stabled or it is and the storage conditions. There should best by date labeled on the package, and soy milk is more likely to stay healthy to consume even after some weeks passed by that date. Best by dates only tell you to estimate period this product remains at its best quality.

Homemade soy milk lack preservatives, so it must be kept refrigerated after opening. Homemade soymilk would last for a few days if you kept it in the fridge. Use soy milk within a few days. If not, apply the best storage conditions to enhance and experience its better shelf life.

How to tell if soy milk is bad?

It is easy to figure out whether your soy milk has spoiled or not. Look for the signs written in this article below to see if it is still good for consumption or not.

  • You should always sniff its product before drinking it. If it smells odd, it should be discarded. You must know the way fresh soy milk smells. If it doesn’t smell that way later, toss it.
  • Observe the packaging if it seems distended. You can tell it has already gone bad.
  • If the texture changes or you see some lumps, it spoils, and you should throw it.