How Long Can Raw Turkey Sit Out

How Long Can Raw Turkey Sit Out?

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How is it even possible having a Thanksgiving dinner without having a roasted turkey at your table? Roasted Turkey with all the vegetables, gravy, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes is a hallmark of Thanksgiving. We all love it. The roasted goes perfectly with the Best Canned Turkey Gravy.

Whenever Thanksgiving arrives, we make sure that we have a raw turkey available in our homes. It is easy to prep and easy to roast. Therefore, it serves great whenever you have guests over your pace. People usually get a little deterred handling a huge turkey, but it is not problematic at all.

How Long Can Raw Turkey Sit Out?

Raw Turkey does not offer a good shelf life compared to cooked turkey. Microbes and bacteria get the most suitable environment to grow in uncooked meat. The shelf life of raw turkey largely depends on environmental conditions.

It can sit out for three to four hours on your countertop, provided the temperature ranges under 40°F. If the temperature rises from 90°F, it can only stay good for about two hours. You should also keep it in a moisture-free area.

What Happens If Raw Turkey Sits Out Too Long?

You can never leave your raw turkey out at your countertop for more than ten hours. If it happens, the beautiful white color of the meat will turn pale or brown. You can even notice a rotten egg-like smell if left overnight.

The raw turkey could catch flies if left uncovered. You can protect your raw turkey from flies using the Best Vacuum Sealers. If your raw turkey is marinated, it can sustain more time without going bad.

What Should You Do If Raw Turkey Sits Out Too Long?

It is always better to calculate the time while prepping to cook a raw turkey. Turkeys are always a delicacy, and they need to be handled with utmost care. If you forget to place your raw turkey in the fridge by any chance, you need to be a bit careful to use it.

If it smells a little off, discard it away since health always has to come first. Also, check for discoloration if it is present. The absence of these signs and symptoms surely makes you a lucky person. You are good to use it. Raw Turkeys may take a while to cook as the meat is hard. You can use the Best Meat Tenderizer. It will help your raw turkey cook more evenly and help retain the juiciness.

Does Raw Turkey Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Have you ever heard, “The cooler, the better”? Well, in food-pedia, you will hear it more often. Raw turkey needs to be placed in the fridge when you are not using it. If you are preparing a marinade for your raw turkey, make sure it is placed in the refrigerator.

If you do not put it in the fridge, it will go bad. There could be dark blue spots over your turkey that will tell you to say your turkey goodbye. It can cause serious health issues if it is consumed.

Does Raw Turkey Go Bad If You Lose Power?

Your turkey can go bad with a power loss. Raw turkey needs to be placed in a cool environment provided in a ridge only. If you lose your power, your fridge will not sustain the coolness. If the turkey attains room temperature, it can quickly go bad.

When you know you have a power loss, quickly transfer your Raw Turkey from the fridge to the freezer. It will prolong the storage time. The Best Chest Freezers provide the best, sustained coolness. If you keep your marinated raw turkey in the Best Vacuum Marinator. It will be even better for the long life of your raw turkey.

What Temperature Is Safe For Raw Turkey?

The safest temperature to store raw turkey ranges from 13°F to 40°F. It stores the freshness, juiciness, and aroma of your turkey. If it exceeds 90°F, your raw turkey might go bad. You can even keep your raw turkey in the freezer. It needs to be properly sealed before putting it in the freezer.

The contamination with the freezer ice can get your raw turkey a freeze burn. The perfect turkey texture will be destroyed. You can later thaw your raw turkey in the fridge section. There will be minimum temperature fluctuations, so your turkey will be perfect to be used.