How Long Can Raw Pork Sit Out?

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If you want to give a pleasing effect to your taste buds with the best red meat, you can go for pork. Pork gives the most tender texture and flavor, whether it comes to chops or steaks, skews, or ribs. According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, It is the most widely consumed red meat across the world. However, Pork is prohibited in both Jewish and Islamic culture; that’s why it is not eaten in regions with those populations.

You have to keep raw pork at home with some tips and tricks. If you are troubled about keeping pork out, this is the right article for you. We will share all the secret tips, so read on.

How Long Can Raw Pork Sit Out?

You must have heard before that leaving raw meat out for too long will expose people to harmful bacteria and disease. The same is true  with raw pork. Typically, you can keep it at the kitchen counter for a maximum of two hours. However, the shelf life depends on the temperature. If the environment is hot, it will go bad faster.

On the other hand, a cooler temperature will make it last for longer. There is a huge chance of the growth of many bacteria on the raw meat if left out. So, to make raw pork last longer, you have to refrigerate it at a safe pork storage temperature in one of the best refrigerators.

What Happens If Raw Pork Sits Out Too Long?

Firstly, there is no reasonably safe chance that you can keep your raw pork out for a long period of time. If you forget to refrigerate your raw pork while putting away your groceries, it will definitely go bad. The meat will most likely get spoiled if it is left out for too long. Here are a few signs of spoiled pork:

The odor of the meat is usually the first giveaway. Usually there’s the putrid t scent of ammonia coming from the meat.  One less notable sign, on the other hand is the meat’s change in color.  The color of meat will turn to a darker shade of red, brown, yellow, or grey. Also, the tender texture of the meat will turn become slimy and gelatinous. It would be enough to turn anyone’s stomach!

What Should You Do If Raw Pork Is Left Out Too Long?

Raw pork will be spoiled if left out for too long. There are some exemptions, however,  like if the external temperature is very low, for example, in locations at higher altitudes. There is some chance that the meat will remain safe to consume.

If the meat smells bad, there is no chance that you can use it, and you have to toss it. If the meat is just slimy, you can rinse it with cool water  and cook  it immediately.  If the pork is only slightly discolored and hasn’t turned too yellow or grey, cook the meat straight away. Shred it and enjoy it with the best bbq sauce from Texas.

Does Raw Pork Go Bad If It’s Not Refrigerated?

Has the raw pork you recently bought been sitting at the kitchen counter for too long? Don’t worry! We will give you a few tips so you can salvage what you can. The meat will certainly go bad if it’s not refrigerated within two hours. So, the only other thing you can do to save what you can is to cook it immediately.

You can follow quality recipes from the best pork cookbooks. Rinse the meat properly with cold water and cook what you can as long as you don’t smell any bad odor from the meat.

Does Raw Pork Go Bad If You Lose Power?

If you can’t cook your raw pork immediately due do a power outage, don’t sweat it!  If you lose power and have meat in your coolers or freezers, we know the safest way for you  to store the meat in this scenario.

You must have some ice or ice bags kept in your freezer. Just grab a cooler from your kitchen and fill it with ice bags or ice. Pack your raw and frozen pork in some best plastic wraps properly and put them in the cooler bag. We assure you, they will stay good for more than 7 to 8 hours inside the cooler.  

What Temperature Is Safe for Raw Pork?

The most safe pork storage temperature is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You can keep the raw meat in the freezer for as much time as you want under a specific temperature. Remember that the pork tastes best when it is frozen for a short time. So make sure to avoid freezer burn and cycle out your meat!

You can store the raw pork in bags or the best freezer containers for long-lasting life. High temperature is not recommended for keeping raw pork in any condition. You will get spoiled and bad meat in that case.